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MiLLENNiAL is positioning itself as Forbes meets Life magazine with a social impact twist. We are focusing on the global millennial influencers making a difference in this world – the celebrities involved in causes, the CEOs disrupting their industries, and the activists bringing awareness to social injustices.

With an inspiring and proactive approach to publishing, we offer a fresh perspective on international culture through hand-selected editorial, iconic photography and community events.

We have carefully created an identity that embodies the nature of the millennial spirit, one that operates from a place of love and understands personal responsibility. All elements of our editorial are brought to you with intrinsic value and heart-felt perspective that we hope resonates with your core.

To learn more or to get involved, please contact editor@MilMagz.com

The Founder

Britt Editor About Us


Hi I’m Britt

I designed this magazine to represent the true millennial – the entrepreneurial geek that likes to hug trees and dance til the sunrise, oh wait that’s me!

It’s taken 5 years to get here. From starting a web series that chronicled Burning Man artists to the camps of Occupy and even the inside of Wall Street, I’ve seen our generation design masterpieces, build billion dollar businesses, and help save the world.

I tell stories of the unsung heroes, the champions of humanity, giving hope to those in need of a quick
pick-me-up. Through inspirational messaging and conscious action, I believe media has the power to
motivate viewers to occupy their hearts.

My greatest hope is that it rubs off on you!


Without the help of these beautiful visionaries and wordsmiths, none of this would be possible…


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