Carl Weiseth is the founder and creator of Third Eye Pinecones, a new form of organic handcrafted jewelry that contributes to reforestation. During a journey in the mountains of Big Sur, CA, he found what he believed to be the most unique pinecone he had ever seen. It sat on his windowsill for the next nine months before he decided to look inside of it. With one cut to the center, Carl discovered that it was absolutely perfect. He then sanded, polished, cured, and sealed it with wood working resin to create a new style of eco-friendly jewelry.

Third Eye Pinecones now works in collaboration with American Forest, the oldest and most renown tree planting non profit. For every pendant that is sold, a tree is planted in an American national forest that has fallen victim to wildfire. To this day, thousands of trees have been planted as a result of Third Eye Pinecone purchases. Instead of taking from the Earth, Carl is determined to give back to Mother Nature in every way possible.

Divider-3Year born: 1981

Age: 33

City: Santa Cruz, CA

Background: Communication Consultant for Amgen

Profession: Organic Jeweler

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

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