Carlen Young is the co-founder and studio manager of DiviniTree Yoga Studio located in both Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. He actively cultivates healthy, conscious community spaces by creating sustainable and empowering businesses. Even though he currently runs two yoga studios, a healthy raw food elixir bar, superfood store, and researches community building and civic participation, Carlen is just getting starting on his quest to create world transformation.

The driving force behind DiviniTree, Carlen is responsible for hosting monthly fundraisers, an organic community garden, conscious events, and collaborates with local and international non-profits to build schools, plant trees, raise awareness, and provide resources to those in need. Carlen is always exploring new opportunities to bring people together in ways that inspire the best in us by turning his passion for community into a lifelong commitment.

Divider-3Year born: 1986

Age: 27

City: Santa Barbara, CA

Background: Junior Research Associate at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Profession: Community Builder

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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