Millennial Magazine - commerical-fishing-c

Stop Illegal Fishing: Track Commercial Fisheries in Real Time

Megan Jordan ... 10/25/16

How would you feel if you found out the fish you ordered was the result of illegal fishing by slaves ...

Millennial Magazine - halloween-financial-bat-c

Why millennials relate to bats this Halloween – financially speaking

Brian Nelson Ford ... 10/24/16

If millennials were to dress up like a Halloween character that represents their financial situation, you would see a lot ...

Millennial Magazine- Rape

Rape Culture is not a “feminist” issue. It’s a human issue.

Shontelle Reyna ... 10/20/16

Many of us have seen the recent headlines and outrage spilling through all social media outlets over the recent rape ...

Millennial Magazine - wedding-c

Divorce-Proof Generation? How Millennials Approach ‘I Do’

Tracey Clayton ... 10/18/16

Getting hitched in the 21st century has gained a new meaning. While older generation chose to get married mainly because ...

Millennial Magazine - microbiome-harder-to-lose-weight-h

Why Millennials’ Microbiome May Be at a DisAdvantage

Cole Mayer ... 10/17/16

Millennials are having a hard time in life, if the internet is to be believed. Jokes abound that employers want ...

Millennial Magazine- Pet parents

Pets Over Parenthood? Understanding Millennial Pet Obsessions

Armela Escalona ... 10/14/16

With half of Millennials transitioning into adulthood, nobody really knows what kind of parents they will be because as it ...

Millennial Magazine - online-education-c

Is Online Schooling the Answer to Education Reform?

Katie McBeth ... 10/13/16

The struggle for affordable education is on the forefront of many American’s minds. It is a common subject of politicians ...

Millennial Magazine - tesla-motors-c

Insane Facts You Never Knew About Tesla Motors

Marylin Vinch ... 10/12/16

The world spins on so fast that our sense of the generation gap between ourselves and those just a few ...

Millennial Magazine- Congress

Congress: The Greatest Threat to Our Nation

Alexander Balkin ... 10/10/16

A political Op-ed Recently, the presidential candidates have spent a lot of air time discussing what they believe to be ...

Millennial Magazine - designers-productivity-c

The Most Efficient Science Backed Productivity Strategies

Kate Simpson ... 9/27/16

Productivity is a huge trend. Online guides and to-do articles are teaching you how to achieve more work in less ...

Millennial Magazine - person-apple-laptop-c

Cyber Security: Keep Your Personal Data Safe Online

Holly Whitman ... 9/27/16

Look up. No, not that far up. Stop looking at the ceiling. You’re embarrassing yourself. Look at the top of ...

Millennial Magazine - community-build-c

How to Become a Leader in Your Community

Lizzie Weakley ... 9/16/16

Some people are fine going through life never really accomplishing anything meaningful. While not everyone can be president or an ...