Maki Hsieh was born mostly deaf and lives largely in a world of vibrations, and yet that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a classical violinist and genre-defying vocalist with a nine language, three-octave operatic range. 

She recently released a cover of Kyoto by Skrillex, that garnered a lot of well deserved attention and catapulted her musical career to new heights. Maki will soon release her debut album, Illuminate, as her way to help people discover that what they view as obstacles can transform into opportunities to find their own truth and change the world.

When Maki was growing up, her family supported her love of music, but encouraged a more stable career. She eventually spent 15 years in a practical profession as a banker, but after she moved to LA, she decided to take the leap to pursue her lifelong dream of music. 

Divider-3Year born: 1974

Age: 39

City: Los Angeles, CA

Background: John Hopkins University Pre-Med & Investment Banker at Deutsche Bank

Profession: Electric Violinist

Connect:  Website // Facebook

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