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For a new media class at NYU, Ariel Sultan decided to turn her foodie obsession into a final project. After the presentation, the students and professor wanted to know when she was going to release more food videos. On a whim, she posted additional documentary-style food company profiles on YouTube with no website, and within a few months, the channel picked up thousands of hits. After graduating college, she co-launched a marketing and video production company called Food Guru with her mom, Debbie.

Food Guru works with food and beverage companies to produce a range of web-based videos such as recipes, stories, products, and creative shorts. They then take this content and connect with online audiences to build a community of influencers and customers.

As much as she loves creating videos for businesses, Ariel wants to create her own video content for Food Guru. Through her struggles in the kitchen, she built a Web Series called “Cooking Guru” to give millennials a video guide to making meals in under 3 minutes. This includes an 8-episode season with 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 snack/appetizer, and 1 dessert. Ariel just finished the second season of her new cooking show, and plans on releasing 2 additional Seasons each year.


Year born: 1991

Age: 23

City: San Francisco, CA

Background: B.A. Film & TV with a Minor in Business Entertainment, New York University

Profession: Video Producer & Content Marketer

Tools of the Trade: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, MacBook Pro, Social Media platforms, Photographer/Cinematography knowledge, Google Drive

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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