Body Art of the Week: Tattoos

Body Art of the Week: Tattoos

Tattoos have recently become mainstream according to NBC News, especially among Millennials with 36% between the ages of 18 and 29 having at least one. The process of tattooing entails injecting ink into the dermis, the second layer and a fairly stable part of human skin. Rebellion against parents is listed as one of the main reasons for making the decision. However, because of the permanence, it is common for people to take their time selecting the design or quote before actually going to a tattoo parlor.

Tattoos can express emotion, relay an old event or a person’s birth, or display a symbolic image. Some include intricate details of calligraphy or beautiful blends of various colors. One popular tattoo is the treble and bass clef heart. For those with a love of music and a romantic side, this simple design offers a feminine and unique aesthetic. And since the tattoo is relatively simple, the artist may size it in any form.

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Written by Renee Sogueco

Renee attends Shenandoah University as a Mass Communications and Political Science double major. She is a 5'3" Filipina and constantly searches for new adventures, different perspectives and new pesco-vegetarian friendly recipes.

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