The Journey with Garrett Gravesen

I didn’t think I would get a chance to speak with Garrett since he’s literally in a different country every week but I caught him in between travels and in typical Garrett fashion, he came with a burst of energy and no shortage of amazing stories.

Garrett Gravesen is a recent Harvard Business School grad and Founder of H.E.R.O. for Children, Global Lead, and ADDO. Garrett’s journey began with 10 seconds of courage. He believes life is made up of moments, and in those moments, you have 10 seconds to choose courage over comfort in order to get where you want to go.

As a student at the University of Georgia, Garrett was interested in politics but soon realized it wasn’t the path for him. With the decision to pursue business instead, Garrett flew one summer to Hong Kong and talked his way into getting an internship at Merrill Lynch. After working all summer, Garrett received a job offer at the end of his internship.

In 10 seconds of insane courage, however, Garrett knew this wasn’t the life for him and he quit. Saying goodbye to a career in investment banking, Garrett opened a new door to traveling in Africa. Taking a year off of school, Garrett went to Kenya and volunteered in an HIV/AIDS orphanage where he was inspired by the children he met. After returning home, Garrett committed himself to the cause of HIV/AIDS and wanted to give back to the community. He started H.E.R.O. for Children to help kids in the U.S. suffering from HIV/AIDS improve their quality of life.

Being the socialite that he is, Garrett is at every party and event but what people don’t see behind the travels and entourage are the sacrifices of moving back home after graduation and literally paying himself $500 a month for three years, while growing each of his business to over a $1Million in revenue and donations.

So for the young entrepreneur that’s still working out of your parent’s kitchen or driving that ‘95 Honda (praying it will get you to your next meeting), even if it seems that no one understands, just know that you’re not alone…and as always, I would love to hear your story of the sacrifices you’ve made below.

So…go ahead WATCH and be encouraged along your ‘Journey’.

Key episode takeaways:

  • Choose courage over comfort
  • Have the courage to keep going and the success will come
  • Choose 10 seconds of courage and your future self will thank you

What do you think?

Written by Michelle Blue

Myself, like many other entrepreneurs, have an untold story. The story of 'The Journey’, of what it really takes, as we build and make our dreams a reality. So, I figured, why not tell the unseen entrepreneurial story, before the fame and the fortune...for the beauty lies within ‘The Journey’.

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