Becoming Your Own Best Friend

You spend way too much time with yourself not to enjoy your own company.

But mental health remains a major issue in countries around the world, and many people are battling their internal demons on a regular basis. They kick themselves when they’re down and believe it won’t last when things are going well.

If you can instead, learn how to become your own best friend, you then pick yourself up when you’re down, celebrate when things are going well and don’t require the external validation to know that you’re enough.

In this episode, I share why it’s important to become your own best friend and how investing in yourself can be one of the best investments you will ever make.

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Written by Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown is an international speaker and storyteller. Through the talks he gives, shows he hosts and music & short films he creates that have an audience in 195 countries, Cameron is passionate about empowering people across the globe to make a greater impact.

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