How To Increase Your Productivity (Blending) 

The challenge when it comes to increasing productivity and managing your time more effectively, is there are so many competing parts; there’s work, family, health & wellbeing, time for yourself, friends and more… and it’s all requiring your attention.

It can be challenging to prioritize the things you would like to, and before you know it, areas that were once important to you have fallen away.

This can lead to resenting certain areas of your life because you feel like you’re having to make sacrifices that you really wish you didn’t have to make.

So in this episode, I share a really cool strategy for dramatically increasing your productivity, while enjoying both business and life a lot more at the same time.

What do you think?

Written by Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown is an international speaker and storyteller. Through the talks he gives, shows he hosts and music & short films he creates that have an audience in 195 countries, Cameron is passionate about empowering people across the globe to make a greater impact.

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