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Hola Aries! Your birthday season has officially passed and now the time is ripe for fresh beginnings as you enter a new solar cycle. ‘El sol’ is blazing through your second house of values. What do you really care about? Do you take time to serve your morals daily? Remember the order matters! If you prioritize success over health, you are going to be burned out AF. Aim for your top values being feelings you can cultivate, rather than lofty ideals.  On May 13th, Mars moves into Pisces and your twelfth house of closure and release. You will be determined to get rid of dead wood at this time — Time to take out the trash!

  1. When I am in pain, emotional or otherwise, the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

  2. How can I energize my spirit on a daily basis? What lights me up from the inside out?

  3. What thoughts and feelings about my past can I let go of?

  4. What are my top 5 values? Do I serve them daily? Where can I lean into life?


Happy Birthday Taurus! You may be forced to rain check your big party plans until further notice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate! Start your day with pink bubbles and put together a birthday vision board. Treat yourself to your favourite at home treatments and pamper yourself like the goddess you are. Take this time to go inwards and determine what you want out of your next solar return. The sky is the limit! On May 13th, Mars moves into your eleventh house of friends and social circles. You might be really missing your tribe right now. Come up with creative ways to connect despite social restrictions. This is a great time to get involved with a cause you care about!

  1. What can I do this year to bring me closer to bring me closer to my ideal life? In what ways can I start living that life now?

  2. When I picture myself this time next year, what do I see? What have I accomplished? What kind of person am I ?

  3. Now that I know what makes me happiest, what can I do to bring more of that into my life?

  4. How can I give back? What causes do I care about most?


Hola Gemini! The twins are typically social butterflies that LOVE to chit chat, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth this month. Social distancing? No problem! R&R is your middle name right now. You are in the mood to retreat and this is an excellent transit for releasing patterns that no longer serve you. Take time to meditate and work with your higher self now. If you have been thinking about starting up a passion project, this is the time to do it — creative juices are flowing and you will be able to tap into your soul for inspiration. On May 13th, action oriented Mars will be boosting the area of your chart related to career and public image. You may be motivated to take on a big project that gets you major kudos from superiors. Go for it!

  1. What do you want your legacy to be?

  2. How can you make your work more fulfilling?

  3. What does letting go mean to you?

  4. What are some beliefs about yourself you need to restructure?

  5. What limiting beliefs about your future do you need to release?


Hola Cancer! ! Who is your tribe? Groups, organizations and friends are taking centre stage for you this month as the Sun lights up your social eleventh house.  Yes, totally laughable given current events but don’t let social distancing stop you! Use digital platforms and zoom chats to connect with people and things you care about. You may be extra interested in humanitarian causes now.  This transit also rules media, marketing and communication. Thinking about starting an online biz? Now is the time. At the very least, get our some paper and do a massive brain dump. Don’t hold any thoughts back.— You could be on to your next big thing! On May 13th, Mars moves into your ninth house of philosophy, travel and higher education. This transit is all about expansion and intellectual stimulation. Open ‘thy’ mind!

  1. What ways have your friendships affected you positively or negatively?

  2. What have I always wanted to learn? What can I do today to work towards this?

  3. How can we heal collectively?

  4. How can I change my thoughts to align with positivity. What negative thinking patterns do I have?


Hola Leo! The Sun is blazing through your house of career and public persona. You are on high visibility and promotions and recognition are possible now — even if you are working from home! You might be taking a serious look at what you want to accomplish. What are your dreams? What legacy do you want to leave behind? Map out your strategies and take one small step daily to help get you moving in the right direction. On May 13th, Mars moves into your intimate eighth house. You could be feeling extra feisty! Did someone say leather and lace? This transit can be extra transformative too — Time to shed some old skin!

  1. What goals do I want to achieve this quarter?

  2. What did I learn today?

  3. What is my biggest issue in regards to organization and time management?

  4. Where in my life do I want to see transformation?

  5. What is it about my job that makes me happiest?

  6. What are my strengths? Am I putting those strengths to good use?


Bali, Thailand, Fiji? You are dreaming of escape now lovely Virgo!  Now I know, it  isn’t exactly an ideal time to plan your next getaway but that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse your daily routines with something a little exotic. Try making some new vegan inspired Indian dishes or listen to music inspired by faraway lands. This transit is really about expansion. How can you stimulate your mind? Dive in to new educational or intellectual pursuits. On May 13th, Mars begins it’s transit through your seventh house of partnerships. You are extra focused on your plus one right now and collaborations with like-minded individuals. If you are single, you may meet someone with staying power now. Keep your eyes peeled.

  1. What can you do for yourself to make you feel great today?

  2. What do you believe is more important: the journey or the destination? Why?

  3. What are the biggest lessons you have learned on the journey of life?


This month is going to be HOT Libra! The Sun is blazing through your eighth house of sex and bonding. Hey, with all this extra time in su casa, this doesn’t come as a shock! Your sign is all about partnerships anyways, but right now this is turned way up! You are craving intimacy more than ever — You want to get deep with your partner outside the sheets too. If you are single, you could be doing some psychological work and shedding some old skins. The occult and anything, well, witchy will appeal to you now. On May 13th, Mars will be activating the part of your chart related to health and daily routines. You might be trading in your martinis for shots of wheatgrass. Try a style of yoga that stimulates ‘yang’ energies now while your inner fire is burning so bright!  These journal prompts will promote the current cosmic energies at play in your chart:

  1. What is intimacy to you?

  2. In what ways can you cultivate more intimacy in your life and in general and/or relationships in particular?

  3. Create a SMART goal for your health objectives. Make it measurable!

  4. What are my strengths? Am I putting those strengths to good use?


Your love runs deep on any given day dear Scorpio and this month is no exception with the Sun blazing through your seventh house of partnerships. Relationships are about compromise, and during this transit you are willing to sacrifice individual needs for the sake of a dynamic duo. If you are are single, some old prospects may resurface who have serious staying potential. It’s all about ripe timing Scorpio!  Business partnerships are favoured now, so start thinking of a ‘fab collab’ you could get involved with. As Mars moves into your fifth house on May 13th, your creative juices will be flowing!

  1. What do you want from your romantic relationships? How can I contribute to these standards?

  2. List 5 things your proud of:

  3. Name 5 things you are crazy good at:

  4. What fires up your inner child?

  5. How can I infuse creativity and fun into my routine?


Hola Sagittarius. Being confined to ‘su casa’ this month could be inspiring your to clean out your closet! Organization, health, and routines will be on forefront of your philosophical mind in May. This is an excellent time to think about implementing a new morning or evening ritual. Are you missing the gym like crazy? Try some yoga on demand to keep those chakras balanced. On May 13th, Mars moves into your fourth house of home. You may feel compelled to redecorate and make your space more of an oasis.  Use Pinterest for themes and colour inspiration. This part of the chart rules the mother — Send her some unexpected daises!

  1. How will eating healthily affect my body in the future?

  2. What is your favourite healthy food?

  3. What makes me feel safe and grounded?

  4. How can I nurture myself today?


Fun, romance and creativity are hallmarks for you in May, dear Capricorn. You are a hard working sign and you deserve this!  The Sun in your fifth house is an excellent time to get in touch with your inner child. What lights you up from the inside out? Crafting? Maybe now is the time to actually do, all those DIY ideas you have had pinned to your crafting board for eons. Someone tall, dark and handsome could catch your eye over the next four weeks. Enjoy in some flirtation, while maintaining social distance of course! From May 13th, Mars is energizing your third house of the mind and communications. You could be digging deep into your psyche and letting go of some outdated beliefs or fears.

  1. Who has inspired creativity in you?

  2. What is a dream you have always had?

  3. What are your creative outlets?

  4. What are your biggest fears?

  5. What negative thoughts about a circumstance in your life can you replace with light and positivity? Forgive.


Aquarians are notoriously social but this month this is anything but the case. No, this isn’t a COVID joke!  With the Sun blazing through your introspective fourth house, you are more than delighted to be curled up at home with a cup of rooibos tea and the latest Gabby Bernstein book.  You want your space to be a sanctuary so you may be decorating, updating or even relocating.  Whatever it is, it will look like a massive of a makeover. Firey Mars is moving into your second house of money and values on May 13th. You could be thinking of things to add to your portfolio so to speak. This is an energizing transit for working on self-development.

  1. What does the concept of home mean to you? Who in my family do I need to forgive?

  2. What are the things you look forward to when you are home?

  3. If you could choose anywhere in the world to be your home, where would it be? Why? What about this culture inspires you?

  4. How can I get (more) creative about making money?


Hola Pisces! You whimsical fish are known to be especially introverted babes, who love to get lost in creative escapes and daydreams. However this month, is all about communications and intellectual pursuits. Anything to do with marketing, sales and technology will be especially profitable now. Perhaps you are thinking of ways to monetize some of your artistic endeavours? Get busy promoting yourself through platforms like Etsy or Instagram.  Do be aware of negative thought patterns at this time. This transit is notorious for thinking ourselves in circles. Stay mindful and ground yourself in these uncertain times by tapping into your imagination. On May 13th, Mars lights up your first house and you could be turning some heads! Check out the journal prompts below to fuel this cosmic boost for you

  1. Write down ten things you are grateful for that have occurred in your life?

  2. Do I communicate with integrity? How can I better asset myself?

  3. How can I restructure my thinking?What notions about myself and others can I let go of? What am I not seeing with clarity?

  4.  What are 3 of my life passions?

What do you think?

Written by Virginia Derkach

Virginia Derkach is the founder of Hatha Astro. Originally from Canada, Virginia is currently living in the Balearic Islands in Spain, and has been practicing Astrology for over 20 years. She writes monthly horoscopes and journal prompts that are targeted towards the globally-connected, entrepreneurially spirited, socially conscious, eco-friendly and experience driven millennial generation.

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