4 Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer

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Whether you’ve been an employee for a while or you’ve just entered the workforce, there will be a time in your life when you’ll need a labor lawyer.

Because labor lawyers specialize in employment law, they are equipped to help you with any issue you may face in the workplace. Generally, they focus on protecting the legal rights of employees.

Here are four reasons you should hire an employment lawyer to ensure that you are treated fairly.

1. Get Professional Advice About Your Legal Rights and Obligations

Having an employment lawyer on your side right from the beginning of your employment is the best way to get the answers or advice you need before any legal issues arise.

An employment lawyer can help shed light on the legal documents that govern the relationship between you and your employer, as well as provide professional advice and assistance regarding the terms of your contract.

An employment lawyer can also review any contracts or offers of employment before you sign them to make sure the terms are lawful and that your best interests are protected.

For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many new clauses and stipulations in the workplace that employees have never seen before – such as mandated COVID-19 vaccinations, compulsory testing, and new work-from-home regulations. Having an employment lawyer will ensure that you’re protected in any scenario.

2. Understand Your Benefit Packages, Pay Structure, and Termination Rules

The most common issues that employment lawyers help employees with involve benefit packages, pay, and termination.

Because employment lawyers are familiar with most situations, they are the most qualified professionals to help you reach the most simple and effective resolution when negotiating your pay or benefits. With regards to termination, an employment lawyer will ensure that you have been treated fairly and that your legal rights were not violated.

If you are a longstanding employee, an employment lawyer can advise you about your retirement and negotiate a better exit package. They can work with your employer and their legal team to reach a resolution that both parties find satisfactory.

3. Get a Professional to Fight for You if You’re Treated Unfairly

If you have experienced wrongful termination or unfair dismissal, an employment lawyer can bring a claim against your employer and negotiate its terms on your behalf. If the matter goes to court, an employment lawyer is already familiar with your case and can fight for you.

Although there are laws in place to stop harassment or discrimination in the workplace, they still occur frequently. Being discriminated against for your race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or parental status is prohibited by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

While there are multiple solutions if you’ve been treated unfairly, an employment lawyer can advise you about the best option for your circumstances.

4. Get Help if You’re in an Unsafe Work Environment

Employers are required to provide a safe work environment for their employees by law. An employment lawyer can provide immediate assistance if your work environment exposes you to dangerous conditions (like harmful chemicals and hazardous situations).

It’s vital to move quickly if your work environment is unsafe – not only is it potentially harmful to your health, but a negligent employer is putting other employees in danger as well.

An employment lawyer will pursue your claim to reach a speedy resolution, ensure you are compensated fairly for damages, and improve workplace safety for other employees.

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Written by Nina Hodjat

Criminal defense attorney in California & New York. I write about topics that tickle my fancy such as supercars and symphonies, and I’m the author/creator of Kids YogaStories.

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