MiLLENNiAL is a media lifestyle brand showcasing global millennial influencers. From celebrities involved in causes and CEOs disrupting industries to activists standing up for their beliefs and everyday people making a living doing what they love, MiLLENNiAL is highlighting the unsung heroes, cultural trends, and social impact of the generation.

With an inspiring and proactive approach to publishing, we offer a fresh perspective on international culture through hand-selected editorial, iconic photography and community events.

We have carefully created an identity that embodies the nature of the millennial spirit, one that operates from a place of love and understands personal responsibility. All elements of our editorial are brought to you with intrinsic value and heart-felt perspective that we hope resonates with your core.

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Our Audience is Worldwide

Within the year of 2015, our magazine was viewed by people in over 197 countries!



A Message from the Editor


Hi I’m Britt Hysen and I’m the visionary behind MiLLENNiAL.

I designed this magazine to represent the “millennial mindset.” Our content is positioned to reflect the core characteristics of how we define millennials: globally-connected, entrepreneurially-spirited, socially conscious, eco-friendly, and experience-driven.

Six years ago (2010), I carved my journalistic niche by reporting on inspiring millennials. From chronicling Burning Man artists to diving into the camps of Occupy and even meeting the unicorns of Wall Street, I’ve seen our generation design masterpieces, build billion dollar businesses, and help save the world.

Since launching MiLLENNiAL in June of 2014, we have been recognized by the White House as an influential digital media site, grown to 100 global contributors, gained readers from 197 countries, and formed partnerships with Time Inc. and Capitol Records.

I am honored for the experiences and support. Without your encouraging words of gratitude, my job wouldn’t have half the meaning. Thank you for being apart of our family and believing in MiLLENNiAL.


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