Brand Journalism

A new opportunity for businesses to create meaningful relationships with their customers.

In 2013, brand journalism became the hottest digital trend in online marketing strategies with brand sponsored, fact-based articles and human-interest stories winning the loyalty of consumers like never before. Companies and organizations that include brand journalism in their public relations campaigns become “human” in the eyes of their customers. The “buy my product” hard-sell pitch commonly associated with display ads and commercials is being traded for a much more subtle approach of informative and entertaining literary content that enriches the user experience.

Here at Millennial Magazine, we encourage brands to offer our readers valuable content that also promotes how a product or service can best serve the individual and the community. Proving to be far more impacting than employees tweeting or sharing company news on Facebook, brand journalism reveals the positive aspects of a company, its products and its employees while engaging the reader with an objective voice.

Millennials are wise to the marketing process. If it looks or sounds like advertising, they tune it out. The goal is to retain the consumer’s interest while instilling a favorable image of the brand. Articles must be well written, follow traditional journalist structure, and deliver exceptional “take away” value whether educational or entertaining; but more importantly, brand journalism must reflect a genuine conversation with the reader.

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