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  • Millennial Magazine- side hustles

    Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

    If you’ve been looking for a way to make extra money, why not set up a few side hustles from the comfort of your own home? Whether you want to use it as a chance to flex your creative muscles or simply get extra cash, there’s a wide array of options you can choose from. […] More

  • Millennial Magazine- break bad habits

    Life Hacks: Tips To Help Break Bad Habits

    Most people are aware that they should follow a personal lifestyle that is healthy and positive. Unfortunately, it is very easy for people to develop bad habits that can affect their lives. Some of these habits can include smoking, binge-eating, gambling, using drugs or alcohol, or even using electronic devices too frequently. While bad habits […] More

  • Millennial Magazine - utility-bills

    Utility Bills That Could be Bankrupting Your Business

    When you run a business or are thinking of launching your own start-up, perhaps the last point on your mind is the cost of utility bills, including your electricity and water. Nonetheless, they should be something to think deeply about when running the budget for your business. This could be because you are paying too […] More

  • Millennial Magazine - entrepreneurial-anxiety

    Overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety With These Tips

    The cost of becoming a successful entrepreneur has nothing to do with money, as you’d be tempted to think. Glamorous as it may look from the outside, running a business isn’t all fun and games. You have to make big sacrifices to achieve the hero status. There are deadlines, expenses, not to mention unexpected setbacks. […] More

  • Millennial Magazine- top online learning

    The List of Top Online Learning and Teaching Platforms

    Understanding why you might need some further education in a certain area of your life or business is the first step in taking charge and moving forward towards a place of growth. We all want to do better and be better. One way to accomplish this is by using a top online learning and teaching […] More

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