Original articles – Original articles must be between 800-1250 words, properly cited, written in 2nd or 3rd person, and fit within NEWS or CULTURE. We encourage you to interview sources for your stories as well.


  1. Research– How well is the piece educating the reader and citing credible sources?
  2. Grammar– How much editing does it require? Is it easy to read?
  3. Style– Does the author have a distinct voice?
  4. Relevancy– How relatable is the topic? And which editorial category does it apply to?
  5. *Solution– Does the story reflect a solution-maker or provide a solution to an issue that can influence the reader’s behavior?


The essential elements here are keywords and headings.

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When writing articles from this point forward, choose a keyword that represents your article (could be a phrase) that is most likely to be searched. Make sure it appears throughout the post and meets the below criteria for each article:

  1. Add keyword to title
  1. Add keyword to introduction & conclusion
  1. Add keyword 2-4 times throughout the post (no more than 4 times)
  1. Add keyword to least 1 of your subheadings
  1. Title length must be between 10-75 characters

**Examples of optimized articles that we’ve published:

Gentrification: How Silicon Valley is Affecting San Francisco Residents

A Multi-Cultural Guide to Curing a Hangover


Please email story proposals to before proceeding with your submission.

Ex: Culture – The Evolution of Mixology 
Infused spirits such as habanero infused tequila, fig infused whiskey, and vanilla infused vodka have become popular in today’s mixology culture. This article will discuss the evolution of mixology and infused spirits. From the history to the trends, the story will highlight some of the best mixologists around the world and explain how their drinks are special. It will also provide readers with a special recipe to try at home, and include tips for creativity and pairing.