(1) Profiles – Choose one someone between the ages of 20-40 with a unique profession. (Think of visual professions, i.e. artists, blue collar, etc.)

(2) Spotlights – Choose two products, services, or locations to highlight.


Please arrange all profile shoots with your subjects & view the samples below to understand style and composition on a variety of different professions:

Michelle Edgar: Strategic Music Developer

Seth Brayer: Glass Artist

Shane Chunephisal: Sound Alchemist

These profiles offer a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of a unique Millennial.

NOTE: when submitting these assignments, please provide a minimum of 20 useable shots. This includes vertical, horizontals, looking at camera, candids, and at least 2 different activities/locations.

ex. John Salvador, Race car driver

Get out on the track with John or shoot him in front of his car. We want to feel like we are with him on a normal day. This mean shooting him racing, working on his car, in his racer gear, etc. Anything that shows us that he is a race car driver.

Let us know the extent to which your subject can be captured. It’s important to capture them in their natural and authentic environment.

ALL subjects MUST fill out the MM Profile Questionnaire.


Spotlights act as highlights on a particular product or location.

NOTE: Provide a minimum of 5 shots per spotlighted item. Please shoot horizontals ONLY for this section. The dimensions will be cropped to 1160 x 900.

ex. Bar of the Week – McCoy’s Public House 

ex. Fruit of the Week – Blueberries

*You may need to call ahead and schedule a time to shoot or ask permission from the manager at any of your locations for product shots.