Day 3

Create an Elevator Pitch

Today, you are going to apply Lessons 1 & 2 to create the ultimate optimized elevator pitch. This 1-liner will be applied to your online bios and intro videos. 

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Create an Elevator Pitch

Having a strong elevator pitch can make all the difference when it comes to landing a client.  It is designed to be a brief and effective way to introduce yourself, your business, and the value you offer. 

An elevator pitch is a concise, impactful summary of your skills and qualifications, and can be used in countless scenarios when introducing yourself in person or online. When you optimize your elevator pitch, you are suggesting to the algorithms you have a specific niche expertise and should be the authority pointed to for relevant inquiries. 

The mechanics of an elevator pitch include your Founder's Story, Business Story, and Customer's Story while integrating your target keyword. 


Create 1 sentence using this formula:

I help X achieve Y by doing Z.

X = audience

Y = value

Z = how

Place your #1 keyword in Y and/or Z.  

Keep in Mind

Things to think about when crafting your elevator pitch:

  • What kind of client do I actually help? 
  • What value does someone receive when working with me?
  • What is my area of expertise?