Day 4

Curate Your Multimedia Portfolio

Look at all your professional media assets- current photos & videos.  Determine if what you currently have hits the mark, or if it's time to update your folder. Google your name and see which images come up.  

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Curating Your Multimedia Portfolio

If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. In today's multimedia world, it's so important to have media assets that present you well. 

Do your current photos and videos support your brand image? If not, it's time to hire a photographer! Whether you currently have a media folder or not, it's always good to brush up on what's in your professional stock. 

Your media folder should have a variety of portrait and candid images displayed in horizontal and vertical layouts. All images should be available in 300 dpi. 

As for video, it's time to jump into vertical short-form content! Play around with what makes most sense for your brand. Behind the scenes, a day in the life, and walk-and-talk are all great ways to share your greatest brand asset- your FACE!


1. Review your professional media assets, including all photos and video of your personal and business brand. 

2. Assess which items need updating.

3. Fill in your gaps or repurpose old material.

Keep in Mind

Your should have the following in your media asset folder:

  • Vertical Self-Portrait
  • Vertical Self-Candid
  • Horizontal Self-Portrait
  • Horizontal Self-Candid
  • Interaction with client and/or colleagues
  • Variety of images of your products/services