Chase Fisher

Don't be faceless. Show who you are. Most brands will never step outside their logo.

Chase Fisher, CEO of Blenders Eyewear

To be featured in a magazine is not just an individual accomplishment, but also a celebration of my entire journey, the highs and the lows.  I'm beyond grateful to everyone at Millennial Magazine who supported me in this process.

Millennial Magazine - Stephanie Rosa Cover Girl - Signature Boss Series

Stephanie Rosa


Being featured in Millennial Magazine and securing a top-ranking headline on Google was a game-changer for my brand. It significantly enhanced my professional visibility, leading to an increase in high-quality engagements and opportunities. 

Millennial Magazine - Features - Professionals - Julian Shojaie

Julian Shojaie

Family law attorney

I want my brand to be one that is considered very approachable and empowering. I find the companies and people I am most drawn to are the ones I can see myself in. Thank you Millennial Magazine for putting my  name at the top of Google!

Millennial Magazine- Michelle Winterfield- missmoneymichelle

Michelle Winterfield

CEO of Tandem App