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A veterinary dermatologist…what?!

Many specialties exist within the field of veterinary medicine like veterinary dermatologists, who are experts in diagnosing and treating animal allergies as well as skin, ear, and hair disorders. But it isn’t until a person’s pet is suffering from smelly or itchy skin or ears that they think to search for veterinary specialists.

Dr. Andrew Rosenberg is a veterinary dermatologist who spent the first part of his career practicing in Southern California but recently moved to the New York metropolitan area where he acquired a veterinary dermatology practice. Andrew has always felt a strong connection towards animals and knew by the age of 5 that he wanted to become a veterinarian. During veterinary school he developed his passion for treating pets suffering from allergies and skin diseases. As a board certified specialist, he is one of the less than 300 board-certified veterinary dermatologists in all of North America.

Andrew has seen first hand how his treatment and management of a pet’s allergies and affected skin conditions alleviates their discomfort and significantly strengthens the bond between the pet and their owner.

In addition to his full time clinical practice, Andrew travels around the country lecturing on new advances in veterinary dermatology and research. He loves his work so much he donates his time to treat skin conditions of animals in zoos and wildlife centers.


Year born: 1983

Age: 33

City: Riverdale, NJ

Background: Cornell University BS in Animal Science with distinction in research (cum laude) ’05 / Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine DVM degree ’09

Profession: Veterinary Dermatologist

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter

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