Meeting people is a challenge. Aside from work and school environments, venues serving as platforms to make personal connections leading to relationships are scarce. Bars provide the chance to strike up a conversation with your seat neighbor, but what if you don’t drink? Persistent conundrums like these leave singles wondering what options they have.

But fear not: we have provided 4 ways to find a date organically.


1. Clubs, groups and organizations

Getting involved in a club, group or organization pertaining to your specific interests is a great way to meet people that share the same ideas as you. One great website for finding clubs and groups pertaining to specific interests is

2. Community events

Lists of upcoming events in your community are accessible online and provide a fun way to get involved and meet new people.

3. Public places

Bars aren’t the only public gathering places which offer an easy opportunity to strike up a conversation. Gyms, coffee shops, restaurants and more provide ample chances to meet new people. The idea of approaching a stranger may sound daunting, but if you are confident you are sure to win people over.

4. House or Dinner Parties

When all else fails, turn to your friends. Tell a good friend that you are having a hard time meeting fresh faces and ask for help in setting up a date or throwing a party with you. You never know who will come and at the very least it will allow you to meet mutual friends.

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Whether you’re in a new place combating the blues or just ready to get to know someone new, these tips are sure to help you achieve those goals!

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