Tyler Kristian Brings Sexy to Brooklyn Hip Hop

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Photo by: Christina Mallas (Dirty Souf Yankee)

[above photo by: Christina Mallas (Dirty Souf Yankee)]

New York City is revered as the birthplace of hip-hop. It has cultivated groundbreaking talent whose passion and drive can be attributed to surviving in ‘the city that never sleeps.’ Drawing from the diverse culture, rich history, and bountiful opportunity available in his locale, Brooklyn-based newcomer Tyler Kristian has it in him to stand out from the pack.

Music is in his blood. Tyler is the son of soul diva Sharon Bryant, who began her career as a vocalist for ATLANTIC STARR, and Rick Gallwey, a jazz percussionist and former CHANGE member. Growing up with an inside look at a career in entertainment; he developed a profound appreciation for music and an understanding of the industry. “I was exposed to the creative process in music and an extensive range of all types of music styles since birth,” he shares. “My passion for music came before I was able to formulate a proper word.”

With that knowledge he began exploring his own mode of musical expression. Over the years the now 23-year-old has honed his skills as an emcee, crafting a signature style dripping with swagger and his confident flow. Utilizing the discipline built from his healthy lifestyle and dedication to fitness, he has set out to accomplish great things in his career. Tyler hit the studio with producer Mike Irish and began pumping out an eclectic catalog of tunes, exploring the myriad of influences that have touched his life.

Tyler’s music exudes his personal blend of confidence and sexuality. His sound can be likened to Drake, LL Cool J, The Weekend, or J Cole, while still being undeniably his own. Tyler is ready to share lyrics he refined on New York City streets mashed up with the smooth, deep rhythms he’s been hearing and mimicking since birth.

What do you say is your signature sound/style?

Mood music. I make songs that can alter the way someone feels through depicting a given emotion through sound.

What’s your mantra as you proceed in your career?

Don’t take anything personal. As long as I am expressing myself in a way that’s true to me, no opposing or agreed perspectives will change where I come from as an artist.

Which do you prefer, recording or live shows?

Not to give such a cliche answer, but both come with two completely different, overtly-liberating feelings. I couldn’t choose one over the other.

Who is your audience and who do you think they should be?

My audience is mainly, but not limited to, teenagers up to young adults who want to have a good time. The content I create appeals a lot to women which directly translates to the fellas. Given guys will always follow wherever the girls go.

What is the point in which you throw down the gauntlet or give up and just do music for fun?

In a nutshell, when I have accomplished all of the goals I have set for my career & enough capital to do whatever I want. I will be creating music until I’m physically/mentally incapable of doing so.

Check out Tyler Kristian’s latest music video for his single, “Drugs”:

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