It’s almost too difficult to give a genre to Abigail Rose. A little bit pop, a little bit soul and R&B, the Nashville-based artist is making waves in the Music City with her new single “The Risk.” With the recent debut of her sexy, fashion-forward music video, Abigail spoke to MiLLENNiAL about her music and style.

Tell us about “The Risk” and the inspiration behind the song?

“The Risk” was the first song that I wrote that I really felt like, “Wow this is me, this is Abigail Rose.” That feeling is what lead me to release “The Risk” as my first single. I think it’s really important to listen to your intuition, especially in a career path that sometimes just feels like a guessing game. Obviously my sound will always grow & evolve, but right now this is me. The inspiration behind the song comes from a very real place, since I usually write to help process feelings I’m going through. I became inspired by being emotionally vulnerable with someone for what feels like the first time in my life.

You have such a unique sound–who influences you? How would you describe yourself as an artist? 

Ahh I really appreciate that! Some artist I’ve been listening to & being inspired by for forever would be Madonna, Brittany Spears, Destiny’s Child, & Natasha Bedingfield. Some more recent artist that have been inspiring me would be Lorde, Kevin Garret, Halsey, Due Lipa, & Chet Faker. I would describe myself as pop RnB!  

What is the concept behind the music video for “The Risk?

I’ve been calling it my utopian dreamland, it’s everything I see when I hear the song. The video is set in a perfect & dreamy ‘house’ where I’m living out what I’m singing about with my diamond man. Hes covered in diamonds and you never see the actual man because this person Im singing about is extremely valuable to me, they know all my secrets & truths. They could hurt me because I’m exposed emotionally, but they don’t, and that make’s them very special to me. It also just looks really cool haha.

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Describe your fashion style. 

My style is forever evolving, I get bored easily so I love changing up my looks often. Somedays I’m feeling lighthearted & adventurous. Others edgy or retro. I go through different fazes too, where I’ll love wearing color and then all I want to wear is black & white. The only constants is probably that no matter what I’m always pushing myself to be more adventurous & never let anything stop me- I dress for myself & wear whatever makes me happy. 

What has been the most rewarding part in your musical journey thus far? 

Probably when I first felt that I had found my own sound that was authentically me. It took me a while to get there, and again I’ll always be constantly evolving, but for now this is me, and I’m so proud to get to share that with people.

What’s next for Abigail Rose? 

Performing some shows in Nashville, releasing new music, and always writing, writing, writing. Dates for everything coming up will be announced all over my social media so make sure to follow me (@theabigailrose)!!!