Each generation has its own preferences for college majors and careers. As Generation Z (post-millenials) enter college and the workplace, they are developing their own preferences. In many cases, their choices are driven by economic and technological trends. Let’s explore some of the degree programs favored by those of the emerging Gen Z.

1. Health Professions

The healthcare industry has shown steady gains in recent years. That’s one of the reasons why majors in the health professions are so popular among Gen Z students. This includes nursing, radiology technicians, medical assistants and many other careers in the medical field.

As medical science advances and the demand for well-trained professionals expands, there’s a good reason for people to choose majors in the health professions. Undergraduate healthcare degrees are also good preparation for medical school.

2. Social Work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for social workers are growing faster than average. This is another major that’s popular among Generation Z. If you want to be a social worker, one of your options is to major in sociology.

Another possibility is to find a degree program that specifically prepares you for social work. To increase your chances of finding a career in social work, it’s helpful to have a graduate degree. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, an online master of social work provides strong qualifications to be a social worker (click here to find out more).

3. Business

The popularity of business majors is not unique to Gen Z. Business has long been one of the leading majors. The new generation, however, has continued this trend and are helping to make business one of the most popular majors. One reason for this is that it gives students the potential to enter many careers, including accounting, finance, management and marketing. An undergraduate degree in business is also good preparation if you want to eventually earn an MBA.

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Generation Z tends to have a more pragmatic approach compared to millennials when it comes to their education, their finances, and their career choices. Since they are more likely to place a high value on their financial situation compared to millennials, they may be more cautious when considering a business master’s degree, but they are also more likely to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and want to become their own bosses, making this MBA online degree or relevant finance and masters in marketing online a great fit.

4. Computer and Information Science

Computer science is another steadily growing field and one that’s relevant to all industries. With a degree in computer or information science, you can work in specialties such as security, programming, artificial intelligence and many others. Generation Z, who tends to be fascinated with technology, is embracing the digital age and pursuing careers in computer-related fields.

Generation Z is choosing careers in growing fields such as healthcare, business, computers and social work. These are all degrees that provide a good diversity of career choices. When choosing a major, you have to consider your own interests and talents as well as the job market. Earning the appropriate degree is the first step towards carving out a rewarding career.