Cannabis-Assisted Weight Loss: What’s Cooking on the CBD Menu?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is quickly being recognized for the powerful natural medicine that it is around the globe. It fights cancer, eases pain, reduces anxiety and much, much more, all without the psychoactive “high” of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While there are already plenty of reasons to add CBD to your daily diet, many people don’t know that CBD oil from isolate can also be used as a potent natural weight loss supplement and cooking with it can help you shed pounds, burn fat and become a slimmer, sexier version of you.

Studies Show CBD Can Burn Fat and Decrease Appetite

According to a Korean study published in 2016, CBD helps the body “brown” the white adipocytes (fat cells) that accumulate and cause obesity. This browning triggers the body to metabolize these cells instead of continuing to store them and effectively means that CBD promotes fat burning in the human body!

As if that wasn’t enough to get everyone adding CBD to their weight loss plan, a British study published in 2012 found that unlike THC, which increases your appetite and causes those famous “munchies,” CBD actually causes the opposite effect — it decreases how much you feel like eating and puts the brakes on food cravings.

This means that CBD is a weight loss tool without equal, and the availability of CBD-rich hemp oils now on the market is making it an option in ways never possible before. Here’s a look at some creative and delicious ways you can add CBD to the menu and use it to help drop off some unwanted poundage.

Cooking With CBD Is Easy and Delicious

Although most hemp-derived CBD oils don’t taste that great, they can be easily added to food and masked and mixed right in.

  • Breakfast — Try cooking CBD oil right into your scrambled eggs or omelet. You won’t taste it at all, and you will start the day off right with both fat burning and appetite control. Another great breakfast option is adding CBD oil to your pancake mix!
  • Lunch — CBD oil can be substituted or mixed with olive oil for a salad dressing that will curb your appetite for the rest of the afternoon and up your body’s own natural metabolism. Also try mixing into a tuna or egg salad sandwich as a bagged lunch!
  • Dinner — At suppertime, there is a wide array of CBD oil-infused dishes you can try out. How about mixing some hemp oil right into the marinara sauce or blending it into a basil-infused pesto before serving it with pasta? CBD oil can also be used to make French fries or rosemary tomatoes as a side dish or simply drizzled on top of anything from steak and chicken to poached salmon!
  • Desserts — From CBD-infused brownies to Jello pudding pops that actually help you drop weight instead of pack it on, the choices for sweets made with hemp oil are nearly endless. For those who really want to cut down on calories, baked goods made with CBD oil can be used as a meal replacement, as their appetite-suppressing effect means you will not feel as hungry as usual when you miss a meal.

Getting Started Cooking With CBD Oil

The truth is that cooking with CBD oil can be as creative as your inner culinary genius allows it to be. The first step is to find a good deal on hemp-derived CBD oil, and then all you have to do is start using it as a replacement or an adjunct to the other oils you commonly use in the kitchen. So go ahead and dive into a world of delicious delicacies that will both help you burn fat and tame your appetite. It’s a win-win situation!

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Written by Sheldon Owen

Sheldon Owen is the founder and CEO of Digital Tower, Inc. the parent company of Muncheez, the first legal marijuana discovery app and marketplace. He is on a mission to change the cannabis industry for good by creating a trusted platform that keeps consumers safe, while erasing the negative stigmas associated with the lifestyle.

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