10 Must Have Apps For Millennials

Millennial Magazine- Must Have Apps

Guest Post by Makenna Redden

There are literally hundreds of new must have apps which are released every day. Many of these apps fall to the wayside or aren’t relevant to a millennials unique taste. While SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram have become everyday staples – like a hammer in a toolbox, there are lesser known apps which you should consider if you’re a millennial looking for an edge in today’s competitive market. Visit CellPhoneDeal guide to know what application are widely use in 2022.

Here are the top 10 useful must have apps every millennial should consider.


This is a task and project manager which will help you with school and work. It’s available online and offline and will help you collaborate on projects with groups and will help you organize your everyday tasks like taking out the garbage or sending emails.


Millennial Magazine- Must Have Apps

Be an early adopter and grab your favorite username before some other John Smith takes it. Periscope is a live video streaming social media tool that allows you to stream anything and everything. Really good at singing, cooking meals, or playing the piano? This could be the right app for you.


Magazines, blogs, and newspapers. Your browser and phone can get pretty crowded with all the information coming through on a daily basis. Feedly will help you organize RSS feeds into one single feed so you can do more reading and less searching.

Pocket Casts

Podcasts are all the rage today with thousands of topics being covered over the web and available in easy to access apps. Interested in building a startup or want to know how everything works? There’s a podcast for that too.


Photos are everywhere today and that amazing photo that you took three years ago while at your friend’s chalet won’t be remembered amongst the thousands of photos that you have. Well, Timehop can help you with this by bringing your old photos back to life. The app replays your past a day at a time.


Millennial Magazine- Must Have Apps

Every wonder how bloggers and magazines make their photos look so good? One of the internet’s best kept secrets is Snapseed, which is an app which gives you professional photo-editing software for free. Make your Instagram and Facebook photos stand out to get more likes and favorites.


“I wish my phone would save photos every time it does X.” IFTTT is an app which lets you control your must have apps together and make them work for you. For example, IF every time you upload a photo to Instagram THEN the photo is automatically saved to Dropbox. An amazing app if you are looking to save time on all your social media.


Millennials love to fly and they also love to find the best deal. Hopper is one of those must have apps which analyzes billions of flights and helps you find the best deal for your money. Looking to fly to Hawaii for a quick vacation or Las Vegas for a weekend party? Hopper can help you do this quickly and for the best price.

Humane Eating Project

Millennial Magazine- Must Have Apps

A perfect app for those who want to make sure they’re eating an animal friendly meal when they dine out. It’s perfect for vegans, vegetarians and has a unique function where it marks restaurants that use humanely-raised meats as well as “watch list” that marks places you would want to avoid.


It’s so hard to remember passwords when every website and app asks you to create a new one with numbers, letters, and weird looking characters. Keep all your passwords safe in one location using LastPass, a highly secure platform which will guard your passwords with their life.

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Written by Sylvia Hysen

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