The Must See Temples of Pandharpur, India

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Are you planning your trip for Maharashtra? Have decided the places that you must not forget to visit in Maharashtra? If yes, you must have prepared the list of amazing places that you are surely going to visit.

And, if you have already prepared the incredible places to explore, you must not forget to add one of the most amazing destinations of Maharashtra. This amazing destination is Pandharpur.

Now, you must be eager to know about Pandharpur. So, let’s know about it:

Pandharpur is one of the most popular pilgrimage city of Maharashtra in India, and is located on the Bhima River bank in Solapur district, Maharashtra. This amazing tourist destination is the third largest tehsil of district Solapur. This city is popular for its ancient temples which are purely dedicated to Lord Vitthal and his much-loved devotee Pundalik. Lord Vitthal is believed to be a form of Bhagwan Vishnu or Krishna. And, due to this reason, it is the most visited temple in Maharashtra.

In addition to this amazing temple, there are many other temples and sightseeing places in Pandharpur that you must travel. However, to have the proper travel view of overall places in Pandharpur, you may need to look for hotels in Pandharpur so that you can be near by. This will make your travel more comfortable and entertaining.

Here are seven incredible places to visit when touring the Maharashtra district:

1. Vitthal Temple

The Vitthal temple is the primary place to worship. Lord Vithoba present in this temple is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Krishna. The black idol along with Rukmini Devi is the primary attraction point here because of amazing coloring and unique construction. This temple is the most visited temple in Maharshtra. Here, grand celebrations are done during the festive seasons like Navratri and Dusshera.

2. Kaikadi Maharaj Math

This is a unique place in Solapur district, where you will see significant Hindu scriptures and tales depicted as the scale models. Among these scriptures and tales, some look real and some look bigger. These displays are arranged in such a manner that one who stands in the queue will only move forward until he/she completes the full display.

3. Pundalik Temple

This temple of Pundalik is dedicated to the lord Vitthal which is located on the bank of river Chandra Bhanga. The main Shrine of Lord Vitthal is in shape of a pyramid within a 5-story building. Here, a statue of Lord Vitthal is situated. You will find a warm water spring, just beside the temple, where devotees wash their feet before moving inside the temple.

4. Vishnupad Temple

This temple is also located near the shore of river Chandra Bhanga. The shrine shape of this temple is in the form of a large open hall where you will see 16 strong pillars supporting the roof. The temple pillar is beautifully depicted with the different postures of Lord Krishan and Lord Vishnu. Here, you will also see varied stones showing Lord Vishnu foot prints in different poses like standing on both feet, crossed leg, and more.

5. Iskcon

Iskon is not much bigger in size as compare to all the temples in Pandharpur, but it’s really a mesmerizing one. It is situated on the Chnadra Bhanga river bank with full greenery and a scenic view. All god and goddess idols are beautifully decorated. Here, you will really feel like you are in a heaven, so don’t forget to visit Iskon temple.

6. Rukmini Mandir

This temple is also located on the same river Chandra Bhanga and is popularly known as Panduranga. This temple is dedicated to Rukmani Devi, the wife of Lord Krishna where the goddess is placed alone in the temple. The shrine consists of colossal towers with high wall that really shows amazing view of temple.

7. Gopalkrishna Temple

Gopalkrishna Temple is located on a low hill trap near to Bhima river. A water course runs in the north to meet the Bhima which further separated by the temple due to a road. Here, you can see the beautiful scenic view of the temple with forest.

These are the amazing places that you must not forget to visit in Pandharpur. However, if you have really make up your mind to visit Pandharpur, you can look for hotels in Pandharpur to stay. With these hotels, you will not only have staying facilities but you will also have a four wheeler, driver and other facilities to make your travel trouble-free and amusing.

Anyway, if you want to know about more places in Pandharpur or you want to have any other information concerning to Pandharpur, please let us know in our comment box.

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