Self-care can be defined as taking action to care for yourself. Self-care includes any activity that you undertake that keeps you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Although it may seem like common sense to look after yourself, it tends to be the first thing to get dropped when challenging situations arise. With that in mind, it is so important to keep this at the front of your mind and stop letting it slip and be an afterthought. 

Why Is Self-care So Important 

Society and individual expectations are vastly different from what they once were. People are expected and expect themselves to be constantly on the go. From work to taking limited holiday and vacation time, to maintaining a busy and active social life, in addition to the daily aspects of living. With this underlying belief, that you must remain productive and busy, the time left to practice and use for self-care diminishes.

By taking a step back and making time for self-care you will find that you are able to relieve some of the pressures of daily life and press that internal reset button and physically and mentally unwind. It will help you maximize your own health and keep your body refreshed and your mind rested. 

Without making this time, you run the risk of encountering varying consequences such a burnout, depression, anxiety, and other mental and physical implications. By making a small change now and engaging in a regular self-care routine will help you reduce or eliminate current conditions like anxiety or depressions, whilst also helping improve aspects such as improved abilities to concentrate in all aspects of personal and professional life, having more energy, and generally being happier. It also carries physical benefits such as reducing heart disease, the likelihood of having a stroke and cancer. 

Overcoming Obstacles

The most common reason given for not looking after ourselves and practicing self-care is due to not having enough time. Whilst, it is true, we have a lot going on, it needs to become a priority to find, make and take the time. It doesn’t have to be lengthy windows of time, a minimal amount will do. As self-care is about you, it doesn’t have to cost anything and doesn’t even require you to leave home. It is just about finding something for yourself. 

Remember just because one person practices self-care one way does not mean you have to do the same. Everyone is different. If something doesn’t work for you, try something else. Don’t be discouraged and let self-care slide, there will always be something that is the perfect fit for every individual from going for a walk to using IV drip therapy. The benefits of DC IV therapy (and treatments in other cities) can include supporting your immune system, boosting your energy levels, rehydrating your body, or even recovering from a hangover quickly. This gives you a wide range of options to customize your new self-care routine.

Whatever self-care route you take, however, must be taken consciously and with intent. From making even as little as 5 minutes a day will provide benefits to your overall wellbeing and health and from the immediate outset you will be able to see the results start and continue to grow as you embrace your new self-care routine.