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The thought of being a travel vlogger is exciting and acting like one can add a whole new dimension to your trips. It allows you to showcase your experience to all those who watch your vlogs and follow you online. This is a fun activity on its own, but it can also be a way to earn some extra money in the process.

This requires a bit of preparation and can’t be treated like any other trip. You need to display your trip in the best possible light and for that, you need the proper equipment and a plan for how to do it. Packing like a pro plays a big role in it.

Day-to-day use

It’s best to compartmentalize your travel equipment. That means that you need to divide it based on when you plan to use it or at least how often you plan to use it. It will require you to have more than one bag with you, but it will keep your travel organized.

Smaller bags that keep track of your documents and tech equipment can also be useful in case you lose something. That way, you can still continue your travel even if things go wrong.

Extra clothes

Everyone wants to pack as lightly as possible and to travel as quickly and comfortably as possible. However, vloggers aren’t actually able to do this since they need to pack much more equipment than ordinary tourists. If you plan for your vacation to be filled with adventures, you’ll be smart to pack extra clothes in case you get wet or rip some of them.

It’s best to pack in a way that will allow you to have diverse experiences on your vacation. That way, you can go both partying and diving and be able to film all of it.

Camera gear

A good camera is obviously essential for being a travel vlogger. However, it isn’t always easy to define what a good camera is because that depends on how you plan to use it. Since travel vlogs need to be dynamic and interesting, the camera needs to sustain that kind of use.

For instance, the GoPro HERO action camera can be used while you’re diving, swimming or water surfing. It’s small enough that you can carry it in your bag or pocket and take it out when you’re ready to go.

Personal documents

Personal documents should be with you at all times. The number and type of the documents depend on the country you’re visiting and its laws. These should be kept separately from the rest of your things and you should provide extra protection for them.

One of the ways to make sure you’re safe even when you traveling is to make digital copies of your documents. These days, this is as simple as taking the pictures of the documents and uploading them online. Most authorities will accept these images as documents if you lose the originals.


If you’re taking any prescription medication, it’s best to ask your doctor for an additional dose that you’ll take on the trip. It’s simply there in case you lose the ones you’ve bought earlier and you should continue to take your medicine as instructed by your doctor.

It’s also useful to bring with you a sleeping medication that will make air travel more comfortable. These should be taken in consultation with your doctor as well. Eye drops are also useful in helping you manage long flights after which your eyes might get dry and sore.

A travel vlogger comes prepared

Careful packing can help you travel comfortably and focus on your vlogging. This isn’t just about the equipment but also about the efficiency.

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Written by Diana Smith

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