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If you do not practice self-care, it is only a matter of time before you burn out. Self-care is essential in maintaining a blanched life that is enjoyable not only for you but for everyone around you. Learning to enjoy your life rather than spending every waking moment striving for something shows you that it is all worth it.

By taking the right care of yourself, you will be able to enhance your performance and look and feel better too. If you have children, it is also a better role model than permanently being worn out. So, take a look below to get an idea of how you can practice some of these self-care tips

Be Picky

Having time for self-care means toy have to find more time, and to find more time, you have to be picky about the things that you commit to. So that means you have to let people down every now and again. If you are a bit of a people pleaser, then learning to decline things and simply saying no can be quite difficult. You have also probably become overworked by continually doing favors for no reason. This needs to stop. Next time someone asks for a favor, say you have no time. That can be at work, or in your social life, it makes no difference. Too many responsibilities make you stressed and mean you have no time.


Exercise is arguably the most significant self-care must do. If you are not exercising, then you can’t be taking care of yourself properly. Exercise has so many benefits associated with it, from helping to combat disease to improving your mental health and making you look more attractive. When you get a sweat on, you are causing endorphins to be released into your body, and these make you feel great. Over time this effect can help combat depression. Stress is realized from the body, too, as exercise removes cortisol, the stress hormone from the body. 

Treat Yourself

What better way to show yourself that you care about you than buying yourself the occasional treat. That could be anything from going to the spa, buying that new outfit you always wanted, or even investing in hot tubs. Even if you are trying to save for a deposit, you still need to live in the meantime otherwise, life can become a massive bore. So, when you know, you have done well in work, or have been praised in some way, congratulate yourself with a treat.


Sleep is a very underrated way to practice self-care. If you consistently get less than seven hours a night, you need to find more time for sleep. Sleep can have so many benefits, from making you look and feel better, to improving your memory, reducing the number of toxins in your body, and increasing your brains overall health. It can even prevent things like obesity and diabetes. If you feel constantly tired, you will be more stressed and have less energy to perform everyday tasks. So, start going to bed a little earlier and avoid things like coffee and alcohol close to bedtime.

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Written by Daphne Panchak

Writer. Wife, mother and pet parent. Outdoor enthusiast. I believe in living life to the fullest and finding value in everyday lessons.

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