If you’re passionate about the planet, you can still design a comfortable home that meets your eco-friendly needs and expectations with the right products. Specifically, you’ll want to pay attention to options with organic and sustainable products designed to minimize your carbon footprint while still serving a beneficial purpose.

Furniture designers and manufacturers use the tool to get new insights into the environmental impact of their products. For example, the Furniture Footprint Calculator, created by Interiorbeat, gives insights into the CO2 footprint of furniture from production to the door of the customer. In addition, on Interiorbeat’s website you can order stylish home items.

Continue reading to discover the many organic and sustainable options you have available to build the home of your dreams while saving the planet simultaneously.

Earth-Friendly Bedroom Products

Your bedroom is as good a place as any to start with your organic home makeover. An organic bedroom is one with fabrics and materials created with eco-friendly methods. Add sustainability to the mix by gravitating towards materials designed with longevity in mind.

Opt for Organic Curtains

A simple way to start is to let more natural light into your bedroom with organic cotton linen hemp curtains or 100% pure linen curtains.

Also, make your home eco-friendly with organic curtains. These curtains are breathable, durable, and sustainable, which is perfect if you have asthmatic or family members that are prone to allergies.

Look for a Sustainable Mattress & Bedding Accessories

Now, let’s focus on your bed and bedding. Take figurative and literal comfort in knowing that going organic doesn’t mean your bedroom can’t be a relaxing place where you can catch up on your sleep and unwind at the end of your day.

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For instance, you can enjoy plenty of support and comfort with an organic memory foam mattress. If you go with a trusted manufacturer, you’ll have plenty of appealing choices with organic mattresses, including multiple comfort layers and support core and base options.

Complete your organic bedroom makeover with 100% organic sheets with higher thread counts for longevity, classic or pleated organic pillowcases, and GOTS-certified comforters and blankets.

A buckwheat hulls pillow  is a great addition to your bedroom. This type of pillow is eco-friendly since it’s made of a hundred percent organic buckwheat hulls, perfect in creating enhanced air circulation. Thus, with buckwheat hulls pillows, the air in your bed circulates better, promoting a more comfortable and relaxing good night’s sleep.

And if you have a little one, make their bedroom or nursery more earth-friendly with an organic baby crib mattress or a sustainable and safe toddler bed made with non-toxic paint or naturally stained wood.

Nature-Pleasing Products for Your Home Living Areas

From a beautifully patterned and textured throw or decorative pillows made with eco-friendly cotton or wool to attractive rugs made with materials that can withstand daily use and heavy traffic, there are many organic and sustainable products to consider for your home’s various living areas.

For carpeting, look for organic options made with biodegradable, non-toxic, and/or natural fibers. Chemical-free wool is another option for carpeting. Just make sure the padding is made the same way.

For an added touch of planet-friendliness, consider peppering your living room, family room, or finished basement with products made from reclaimed materials. Do some exploring online or use some creativity.

You should be able to find materials for chairs, coffee tables, end tables, bookcases, and other living room accessories. Cap off your living areas by re-using thrift store finds for wall art, knickknacks, or furniture.

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Eco-Friendly Options for Your Kitchen

An organic and sustainable kitchen is one that’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, and designed with minimal upkeep and durability in mind.

Earth-friendly Flooring

If it’s time to replace your kitchen flooring, look for sustainable and organic products such as re-finished solid or engineered hardwood floors. Bamboo and cork are both great organic flooring options for your kitchen.

Sustainable Countertops & Cabinets

Poured concrete countertops are another sustainable possibility. Plus, these countertops come with an assortment of finishes and styles.

For your cabinets, look for ones with low- to no-VOC finishes. You may be able to find gently used cabinets at your local thrift store or home improvement store, too.

Customized Pantry

Having a customized walk-in pantry is a good idea. You can use repurpose and recycled materials, such as an old wardrobe closet for your kitchen pantry.

With a kitchen pantry, you can store kitchen essentials in a more organized way. Thus, you can prevent spoilage of herbs, spices, and ingredients by keeping them in dry or moisture-free areas in the pantry drawer or in an open display, depending on your preference.

Other Eco-friendly Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

When it comes to the appliances used in your kitchen, look for ones capable of doing the greatest volume of work with the least amount of energy use. Energy-efficient appliances not only help you save the earth but also keep your energy bill low, too.

Some other options with organic and sustainable kitchen products include:

  • Silicone reusable food storage bags
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Reusable bags for grocery shopping
  • Coffee cups and other frequently used kitchen products made from compostable and renewable materials
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Sustainable and Organic Solutions for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can easily become a welcoming, organic, and sustainable place in your home with the right products. Bathroom cleaners must be free of harsh chemicals. That’s why it’s recommended to use eco-friendly cleaners as it can reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and protect the environment.

Once a week, you can sprinkle some baking soda powder in the toilet bowl. Then, use the toilet brush to clean and scrub the bowl thoroughly. The baking soda is an abrasive cleaner but won’t cause scratches on the porcelain.

Start with additions like organic bath towel sets made with non-toxic dyes and GOTS-certified organic cotton. If you need to hang your organic towels, consider a freestanding bamboo towel stand/rack.

Don’t forget to go organic with your hygiene and self-care products you normally use in your bathroom. You can even clean yourself in an eco-friendly way with organic, handmade soap created with organic or pure essential oils. Similar bath and shower products are considered earth-friendly thanks to organic herbs and spices and natural recipes with skin-nourishing ingredients.

Make the Switch to Organic & Sustainable Products

Creating an organic and sustainable home in terms of what you have in it doesn’t have to stretch your budget or be a big, one-time project.

Feel free to go room by room and take your time to replace various products throughout your home. Once you have your living environment taken care of, you’re welcome to do even more for the planet by exploring your options with innovative transportation options and food growing or preparation methods.