There certainly isn’t one rule fits all when it comes to life. Especially not for Millennials. For some reason, Millennials seem to be the generation that people love to hate. 

Some people refer to Millennials as selfish, entitled, impatient and even narcissistic. If you understand Millennials, they won’t waste any of there time proving anyone otherwise. They definitely have better things to do. 

Below are twelve simple life rules that Millennials should keep in mind: 

Keep Things Simple

This is one of the best rules for Millennials. Remember to live simple. Throw out excess baggage, declutter everything, simply simplify your life by cutting back and living clean. You’re never going to run out of things to do. There’s always going to be laundry, cleaning, and washing to do, so the easier you make it the better. Try not to get too overwhelmed by simplifying hoe you do things as much as possible. If you have a gazillion chores, get organized and make lists. Lists always make tasks easier and it feels like you are getting through them quicker.

The idea is to create space in your life, environment, and relationships to be able to clear your mind and focus. Don’t make life more complex than it needs to be. Simplifying is getting rid of anything isn’t necessary. 

Don’t Worry If You Don’t Have Control 

Try not to stress out if you can’t control something, and stop stressing about it. There are countless things in life that you can’t control like natural disasters, retrenchment, parents divorcing, illnesses in the family, or a slow internet connection. These are real life, and you can’t do anything about it, and people tend to torment themselves over them. But what’s the point, if you can’t control it don’t stress about it. 

It’s being proven that Millennials are the most stressed of all generations. The top things they stress about include health, money, family, work, and planning. While you can’t control the outcome of many aspects of life you can certainly control your attitude towards them. You can choose to deal with things or fix them, but, don’t whine about them. 

Put Happiness At The Top

Stop having so much fun and be happy instead, sound silly right? But there’s a good reason for that. Your Friday nights out may be fun but do they really make you happy? Going on loads of first dates could be fun, but does that make you happy? At some of the fun points in your life, take the time to step back and decide if it is really making you happy. Then do it. If staying at home once in a while to snuggle down and watch TV makes you happy or going for a long walk or an evening at the gym, then do just that. Just because you feel as though you should be an avid party-goer it doesn’t mean you have to say yes to going out every single time. You need to be honest with yourself, life is too short to follow crowds. 

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Have Passion About Something 

Whether it’s your career, playing an instrument, stamp collecting, crafts or sports try to have at one thing that you are passionate about. There’s nothing better than talking to someone about a topic that they love, so be the person who is bursting with energy when you speak about what you have a passion for. If you have a passion for something, you will find that life if much happier and easier. It’s much like adding meaning to your life, and this increases resilience and stops you from getting burnt out. Anything that can take you away from the pressures that life brings is good. 

Be Kind

No matter what generation you are it’s important to be kind to others. And remind others to practice it too. Only kindness really matters some people think that Millennials are selfish but that’s just no the case, take the time to prove them wrong. There are no studies that disprove or prove that Millennials are any less kind than the next person, but this is one of the golden rules that you should live by. Always be kind. 

Work Hard And Love What You Do 

It’s estimated that by 2025 three out of four workers will be Millennials and they want flexibility, feedback, and training more than high pay. But just like any generation, they also want to push themselves into high roles like leaders and managers. Millennials really value their career and that’s brilliant! Millennials are certainly changing the corporate landscape but the number one rule still stands and that’s, work hard. You should do this even when others aren’t/ Look for a job that you love, maybe linked to your passion. Maybe even one that you can invest in or have built yourself. Work with your heart and always put in your all. 

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Always Learn 

Ok, so you don’t have to learn everything, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to. It’s a great thing that Millennials are really passionate about their education and learning new skills but you don’t have to push yourself too far. Try to home in on your talents and career. Millennials are well-known for wanting to be lead and coached to greatness and the majority acknowledge that to be a leader you need to continue your learning journey. One important area you could focus on is communication skills, this is seen as one of the most important skills to have. 

Invest And Save 

Millennials are the generation that is starting to invest earlier than generations before them. Ok, you deserve to treat yourself every now and again but investing and saving is a great way to secure your future. It’s never to early to even think about things like your pension. So, maybe research things like What is an IRA? So you can start to get an idea of what you may need. 

You need to be careful about how you deal with your money. Instead of thinking about savings and investments as spending money think that you are securing a solid future for you to look forward to. It’s good to see what you spend as time too, your work by the hour so the next time you’re spending work out of how much ‘time’ you have spent on that new pair of shoes, the third pair of trainers or gym membership. Try to be wise, save and invest as early as possible. 

Stay Fit And Eat Well 

As you get older it’s not a lie that it can be more difficult to get the body and look that you want. You should think about how you want to look and feel by the time you are 35 in order to be able to maintain it easier. It’s much more than what you see on the surface, you need to be healthy. Especially if you want to run around with kids, travel, and live a happy life. You want to be able to be healthy enough to do everything you want to achieve. 

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Go And Travel More 

Lack of money is always an excuse for many people not traveling as much as they would like. There is also a lack of time, especially when it comes to working. If you can force yourself to find the time and resources to get out there and travel. You don’t have to go extravagant and jump on a luxury cruise or six-month trek across Europe, although they would be fantastic. Just try to take a short break away from your usual routine. Discover some new places and meet some new people. Weekend city breaks can be a lot more reasonable than you think, especially if you bargain hunt and piece it together yourself. 

Take A Break Away Social Media 

Although social media is a huge part of Millennial’s life with many being multiple platforms. However, social media can, at times, be filled with negativity and we just don’t need that in our lives. Have a breakaway every now and again. Even if it’s just a few days at a time it will help your mental well-being dramatically. 

Be Grateful 

It doesn’t matter how much you want to brag or boast about how great your life is, it’s important to remember you should always be grateful. Whether you are currently shouting from the rooftop about your successes or nothing seems to be going your way there are other things that need your focus like being thankful for your friends, family, a roof over your head, food on the table, etc. Make sure you are always leaving room for happiness and gratitude, even if you’re having a rough time at the moment. 

This certainly isn’t a complete list of everything you should be aware of in your life, it’s just a few of the important ones. Is there anything that you like to focus on as a Millennial? Please share them in the comments below.