The 7 Best Hikes in the World

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Navigating seemingly endless uneven terrain of rocks, vegetation, and streams can be daunting. Nonetheless, awe-inspiring views of the summit with its turquoise skies and seas of clouds can be rewarding. Finding that perfect day to hike entails intense training and preparation. It requires body and mind conditioning. Furthermore, hiking gears and essentials are a must for a seamless trip. Buy tactical hydration bladders for steep and long trails. Lightweight bags, clothing, and accessories must also come in handy for a less stressful trip. So prepare and get on with a checklist and complete your must-have camping gear to make the perfect hiking day memorable.

Here are the seven best hikes in the world.

Trolltunga, Norway

The Trolltunga trail expands 23 kilometers long, and it takes 10 hours to climb. The most popular hiking spot in Norway, Trolltunga boasts of incredibly scenic views concluded by the Troll’s tongue. The structure is a picturesque sliver of rock that is a must-see destination for hikers.

Inca Trail, Machu Pichu, Peru

The one-day hike to Machu Pichu can be the perfect alternative to its 4-day hike counterpart. It is a 15-kilometer trail leading to the last section of the famous Inca trail, concluding at Sun Gate for the initial views of the Machu Pichu. The hike takes about 4-5 hours of the spectacular views of the Andes mountains, Inca Ruins, and ancient stone steps through the lush rainforest and mountains. Machu Pichu bar none is one of the best treks in South America.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Tongariro is the best day hike in the world, with a distance of 12 kilometers. Typically, it takes 8 hours to hike the volcanic terrain of Tongariro. It is home to semi-dormant volcanoes and the almost lunar landscape of Mt. Doom. It is one for the books with its out-of-this-world scenery.

Love Valley, Cappadocia Turkey

Love Valley in Cappadocia is a quick 2.4-kilometer hike ending at the oddly-shaped, phallic spires that give its name. The trail is more than just the rock-formations but also includes the charming valley of small rock climbs, caves, and unique vegetation.

Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Perched on the side of the cliff 900 meters above the ground is a Buddhist monastery that boasts scenic greenery and a majestic feel. It is a solemn place of prayer and pilgrimage for believers. It is a 7-hour climb with a vertical distance of 6 kilometers. It is a popular bucket list hiking destination for beginners and enthusiasts.

King’s Canyon Rim Walk, Australia

King’s Canyon in Australia is a 4-hour trekking journey. It’s 6 kilometers long and goes above and beyond the hiker’s expectations. The side of the mountain trail gives a 360-degree view of the mountains nearby, with lush forests complementing the quaint villages.

Pennine Way, United Kingdom

Stretching over 400 kilometers situated at Derbyshire, Pennine Way is UK’s well-known long-distance trail. The trek takes about three weeks to accomplish, traversing wild moorland east of Manchester, the scenic views of Yorkshire Dales, and the postcard-like topography of the Scotland ancient border.

Whether as a beginner or a long-time hiker, these destinations are a bang for your buck and must be a part of your hiking itinerary. Immerse in the majestic views and marvel at nature’s beauty equipped with hiking clothing and gear that make the journey worthwhile.

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