Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a condition where a man can’t achieve an erection that’s hard or long enough for sexual intercourse. While it is expected that man’s tendency for erectile failure increases with age, some men experience it as early as in their 20s. 

The problem is that some men can take years to look for help, in which they have wasted years of their prime ages in sexual frustration when treatment options are within reach.

While the topic of penises may invite some weird stares, it’s important that we break this narrative that erectile dysfunction failure isn’t the result of a man that has lost his manhood, rather one that is of a medical condition in which he needs professional help. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the misconceptions and perceptions towards erectile dysfunction and why men who suffer through it must not be embarrassed. 

The Misrepresentation of Pop Culture

The media and pop culture in general often portrays the alpha male as one who has no problems with getting in bed with another woman (James Bond, anyone?). Not only does he satisfy his partner, but he can also go on like he has the endurance of a racehorse. While perhaps this is what men desire, the reality is far from this. 

In the US, more than 30 million men report having erectile dysfunction. But we’re unsure of how many cases go unreported, and how many actually get treated. When the idea of the “alpha male” is so ingrained in the male psyche, it’s possible that millions more feel embarrassed to talk about it, as they feel like they no longer feel deserving of being called a strong, dependable man. 

Nowadays, there are legitimate dispensaries like that would deliver erectile dysfunction drugs such as sildenafil and tadalafil right to one’s doorstep. All he needs to do is accept his reality and look for  the treatment options available. 

While there are a lot of initiatives to promote women’s health issues in the media, we find that the effort for men’s sexual health issues lags behind. The entertainment industry must play its role in reversing the problem they are partly responsible for. 

A Woman’s POV

A lot of men can’t muster the courage to tell a person of the opposite sex about their erectile failures. While some can avoid this topic by avoiding those one-night-stands, it can be surprisingly difficult for those with long-term partners or spouses.

Studies show that the percentage of men who suffer from moderate erectile dysfunction increase based on decadal age (50% of men in their 50s, etc). There are instances where men who’ve had no issues getting it hard years ago suddenly find themselves in awkward situations where they can’t perform the same way. 

While their partners are unaware of their condition, some men refuse to open up for years, thus causing distress in a relationship. A woman who is unaware will most likely blame themselves for not being attractive enough for him when that isn’t the problem, to begin with. In fact, according to research by Superdrug’s Online Doctor, 42% of women blame themselves for their partner’s erectile malfunction.

However, a woman that’s supportive of her partner will do what she can to help out. While it’s important that she respects your privacy, she would be more inclined to look for a solution rather than to judge you. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to her about the issues you’re facing. A loving partner’s nurturing nature can be the thing you need to look for treatment. While the repercussions of ED can destroy relationships, it can also be the catalyst that strengthens the bond between partners.