Heading to Arizona? Add These Destinations To Your Itinerary

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If you’re traveling Arizona, you need to know all the best activities and places to dine in order to maximize your experience. Some of the places listed in this article will be obvious, others will not. Let’s begin with the obvious, including some information about those attractions/locations you might not know.

Popular Arizona Attractions & Locations

The first place you want to start is the Grand Canyon. If you’re not familiar with the Grand Canyon, it’s a seemingly endless expanse of cliffs and ravines, which were formed by the Colorado River over the course of centuries. If you happen to be traveling to Las Vegas, this is only a 2.5-hour trip, and it’s highly recommended. The South Rim will be your best bet because it’s open year-round and offers extraordinary views. The Hoover Dam is another must-see. This is an engineering marvel, standing at 726 feet high and 1,244 feet long. Even if massive man-made sites aren’t your thing, it is something you should do at least once.

Sedona and Phoenix

If you want to see nature while also having access to tourist shops, art galleries, and restaurants, go to Sedona. You will likely find the red rock mountains and buttes to be unique, and that’s meant in a good way. Then we have Phoenix, which is where you want to be if you’re seeking fine-dining, nightlife, golf, desert parks with trails, and bike paths. Phoenix is the ideal city for blending daytime adventure with fun and/or relaxing nighttime activities.

Underrated Arizona Attractions

If you want to see jagged rock formations and sand dunes, visit Monument Valley. If you’re the adventurous type and really want to make the most of this experience, you can drive on a 17-mile gravel road through the park. That is definitely an experience you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. This is a great way to see parts of the state that you normally would not see if you followed the typical tourist route. This is a great idea for people new to the state that have not visited before. It also is a great place for those familiar with Arizona but just may not have seen Monument Valley before. It is a real treat.

The Riparian Reserve

The Riparian Reserve at Water Ranch is located in the Sonoran Desert. You will find 300 species of birds, 4.5 miles of hiking trails, fishing, camping, and more. Dogs are also welcomed if you happen to be traveling with your dog. If you’re looking for places to dine after a fun day of adventure and sightseeing, and you happen to be in or near Gilbert, consider Postino East, which serves light Italian fare and dozens of wines by glass. It’s also a true Italy-like experience when you dine on the patio.

Now you have your Arizona family vacation game plan. Put it into motion and make it happen. Dreams become reality when you act.

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