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© Yonder Escalante, photo by Kim & Nash Finley

The scenic beauty of the southern Utah wilderness becomes an enchanting backdrop for an immersive hospitality experience unlike any other.  Step into the world of Yonder Escalante, a modern haven nestled within the rugged charm of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

A veritable retreat for travelers yearning for connection with nature, Yonder Escalante offers an all-encompassing taste of vintage Americana paired with the comforts of contemporary living.

Exploring Yonder Escalante: Hospitality Redefined

Fulfilling the vision of father-son team Charles and James Tate, founders of the Yonder brand, Yonder Escalante emerges as an homage to the classic All-American Road Trip experience. A testament to this tribute is the outdoor drive-in movie theater – the first hint of the nostalgia-soaked journey that awaits guests within this expansive 20-acre property.

Millennial Magazine - Hotel Reviews - Yonder Escalante-Drive-In-Movies

© Yonder Escalante, photo by The Nomadic People

Stationary classic cars, each restored meticulously to their former glory, provide the perfect setting for a movie night under the stars, recreating the charm of the erstwhile drive-in movie era.

Equipped with sound and heaters, they provide a comfortable viewing experience while guests enjoy an array of movie theater concessions from New York-style hot dogs and popcorn to ice cream and beer.

Accommodations: An Oasis of Comfort Amidst the Wild

Yonder Escalante’s accommodation offerings are as varied as the surrounding landscapes. With 22 custom-designed A-frame cabins, 10 deluxe en-suite bathroom cabins, 10 renovated vintage airstreams, and 19 RV sites, guests are spoilt for choice.

However, the deluxe cabins deserve a special mention. Each of these accommodations is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and contemporary luxury, offering comfortable sleeping quarters, a private bathroom, an outdoor heated shower, and a front patio.

Millennial Magazine - Hotel Review - Yonder Escalante Accommodations

© Yonder Escalante, photo by The Nomadic People

Yonder Escalante’s A-Frame cabins and vintage airstreams are unique spaces that seamlessly blend with their environment. High ceilings, exposed birch plywood, and glass walls provide a sense of openness, immersing guests in the landscape.

Meanwhile, the vintage airstreams add a touch of nostalgia with modern Americana décor and mid-century vintage furnishings.

Amenities: Outdoor Experiences with a Modern Twist

The property’s communal areas reveal the heart of the Yonder Escalante experience. Central to these is The Lodge, a vibrant hub where guests can connect, work, or enjoy a meal while taking in the extraordinary view.

An oversized lounge pool and a heated jetted hot tub invite guests to luxuriate, while spa-inspired outdoor showers offer a sensorial escape.

Millennial Magazine - Hotel Reviews -Yonder Escalante Pool

© Yonder Escalante, photo by Kim and Nash Finley

The Yonder Food Truck, open for breakfast and dinner, brings convenience and comfort food to the fore, with vegetitarian and carnivore fare. The General Store offers curated provisions, DIY meal kits, and a selection of unique wines and local beers.

Soaking in the Yonder Escalante Magic

At Yonder Escalante, the connection between architecture, design, and nature is palpable. Each element of the property, crafted under the visionary eye of Hannah Collins, celebrates the beauty of the surrounding environment.

The design takes cues from minimalist artist Donald Judd, featuring functional and simple lines with pops of Western-inspired details.

Whether it’s a leisurely dip in the lounge pool, a hike through breathtaking trails, or an evening of stargazing, every moment at Yonder Escalante is a story waiting to be lived.

The property caters to an array of interests and adventure levels, making it an ideal base for explorations, whether it’s a drive along the Scenic Byway 12, horseback riding in Bryce Canyon, or exploring nearby slot canyons.

In conclusion, Yonder Escalante takes rustic luxury to new heights. Your summer plans will get a lot cooler when you book your trip today!