As State Parks and hiking trails begin to reopen, it’s an exciting time for the experienced hikers to get back to their favourite outdoor spots and for the not so experienced to take advantage of their renewed freedoms and explore this wonderful land of ours.

Whether you’re an outdoor aficionado or a newbie to nature, it’s important to equip yourself with the best hiking gear designed to make your experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible. Luckily, the team at Mountain Designs has you covered.

Wear Protective Footwear

Purchasing a good pair of quality walking shoes or hiking boots is worth its weight in gold. Your feet will thank you for looking after them after a long, hard day on the trail.

The best hiking boots provide plenty of support across a range of environments and landscapes. Boots that are weatherproof make the best hiking gear so that you’re well prepared whether your trudging through mud during a light shower or leaping rock to rock across a river bed. They should also enhance your grip and control on rougher terrains.

The ultimate in hiking footwear will not only be lightweight and durable but will also provide ample breathability to assist in keeping your feet dry when conditions aren’t ideal.

If you’re planning on tackling some more challenging terrain, you’ll want a tall cut boot for increased ankle support.

Layer Your Apparel

Most hikers like to get an early start to beat the heat of the day. Dress in layers to adjust to changing temperatures and activity levels. This will enable you to add or remove clothing to a point where you are comfortable and where perspiration is able to evaporate readily, helping you to stay dry. Choosing the right thermals that have moisture-wicking properties are considered some of the best hiking gear and will ensure you stay comfortable the whole time you are out on your adventure.

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An easy way to layer your clothing is to start with pants that convert to shorts. Then use a long-sleeve hiking shirt where you can roll up the sleeves. Add a fleece layer, and a jacket to cover. There are many jackets that can assist in releasing sweat in hot conditions and maintaining heat in the cooler climates. Investing in one of these will make every outing so much more pleasant in all climates.

Bring sunglasses even if you don’t think you’ll need them, a multi-purpose bandana, a warm beanie, and a cap with a brim.

Packing For The Hike

The most convenient, comfortable option for carrying your gear on a day hike is the Day Pack. Select a backpack made from quality materials that can endure harsh treatment from the environment and years of being packed and unpacked vigorously. The best backpacking gear depends on the individual, so determine what makes you most comfortable before buying your pack.

Gathering the best hiking gear begins with loading your Day Pack with plenty of water, lip balm, sunscreen, and insect spray. Take a pair of adventure gloves that are water repellent and have touch screen capability for easy phone use.

The best food to eat while hiking will serve as the fuel that gets you started, keeps you going, and helps you recover after a strenuous hiking trip. Snacks like nuts and nut bars are great because they load a large number of calories into a small package.

Best Hiking Gear For Navigation

Navigation equipment and hi-tech gadgets are great to add to any hike. They will make the journey easier and can help you monitor your distance, calories, or speed.

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When evaluating GPS devices, you have many options including GPS watches, dedicated GPS units with loaded maps, and Smartphone apps with offline maps. Begin your hike with fully charged devices and don’t forget to bring an extra battery for backup. For all your outdoor gear, locate a reputable online supplier or click here to start shopping now.