Fashion changes over time, yet some things remain the same. As far as male fashion goes, it’s easy to pinpoint the reason why there are constants that never change. Men have historically been attracted to functional clothing and accessories. Because of that, we have men’s accessories that never go out of style. Here are the top 6!

Stainless Steel Watch

If there is a single accessory that can completely change one’s appearance, it’s a watch. Watches come in a variety of designs. There are entire schools of thought surrounding each type of watch face, mechanism, etc. However, it is fair to say that a watch with a stainless steel band makes the most aesthetic difference when paired with stylish attire.

There’s are few watch designs that come close to a good diver with a thick bezel, a refined automatic mechanism driving the dials, and a shiny stainless band. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a great timepiece that fits this description.

A Quality Leather Wallet

Wallets are an individual thing, but a leather wallet is an accessory that most men will agree upon. Leather wallets bring a stylish note to an otherwise straightforward device.

That being said, not all leather wallets are the same. You can choose among the dozens of different designs ranging from custom western wallets to more modern industrial-looking ones. Whichever route you decide to take, just make sure that you’re getting a wallet that is functional and capable of meeting your daily needs.


Sunglasses are the epitome of male fashion accessories. They bring an aesthetic value that is otherwise impossible to get, but also the functionality. A good pair of shades will keep you from being fatigued by the sun, both during the hot summer days or cold winter mornings. In fact, there’s nothing worse than having the sun reflect off the snow, thus blinding you as you drive or ski.

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There are many styles of sunglasses out there. Wayfarers and OG aviators are a good example of sunglasses that will literally never go out of style. As is the case with most of the accessories on this list, sunglasses are pretty subjective.

Quality Leather Belt

Any discussion regarding timeless accessories can’t go without mentioning belts. A good leather belt can serve as a personal statement, but it also has the power to tie together an otherwise mismatched outfit. A black leather belt is often seen as a piece of formal attire. It’s something you wear with black leather shoes and a nicely fitting suit.

A brown leather belt is a whole different story. This is the wildcard accessory that goes well with just about anything. You can wear a brown leather belt with jeans, chinos, or a navy blue suit. It’s incredibly flexible for what it is.


Pens are not something you see very often these days. However, the whole EDC (Everyday Carry) movement is slowly bringing back pens along with pocket-sized notebooks and flashlights. Even though we’re slowly entering a fully digital age, there are still many instances where you’d need an actual pen.

A quality pen isn’t just a useful, versatile tool. It’s also an accessory that can tell a lot about a person. If you get a quality pen, it will serve you for a long time. More importantly, it will be an expression of your unique style.

A Classic Tie

No matter how much fashion changes, ties will never go out of style. A classic tie is a perfect accessory. It’s a piece of clothing that gives your whole attire an instant boost in elegance. That being said, keep in mind that we’re talking about classic ties, not those skinny ones you often see these days, nor the awkwardly wide ones.

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A classic tie is perfectly proportioned and doesn’t jump at you with its design. Simple colors and textures are always better than anything too flashy. The only color you need to be careful with is black. Black ties should be reserved for special occasions. Also, make sure that you learn all the basic knots and some that are not so basic. A knot is what makes your tie pop out.

One of Each

Every man should have at least one of the accessories from this list so long as they enjoy using them. Personal styles are subjective, as they should be. If you love rocking a pair of OG aviators and a leather wallet, more power to you. However, if you’re not really a sunglasses kind of person, it’s perfectly fine to run a ball cap or whatever else fits your style.