Designing the interior of your dream home should be meticulously done. From the foyer to the family and living room, bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, and even the bathroom, it has to be just perfect. Even closets need some attention too.

But one area that is really more important among the rest is your family or entertainment area. This is where the family bonds and people that are dear to you enjoy their time when at your home. So its design together with the entertainment system to be installed inside should be neat and full of functionality. How should an entertainment system be designed to its fullest? Let’s find out together.

9 Design Ideas For Your Entertainment System

Entertainment rooms need to be filled with laughter, dancing, and singing. So how you dress up your area has an undoubtedly great impact on how your family and people visiting you would enjoy the dinner and the merriment. Spruce up your entertainment area with these simple yet very chic ideas.

1.   Bring The Fun Inside Your Basements

Basements can be dinghy and scary but if you give it the magic touch and add some incredible lighting, it can be your best entertainment or home theater. What’s advantageous in having a home theatre in the basement is that it’s isolated, the sound reverberates all around the room and you can easily control the lighting.

You can paint the walls with darker shades of color and install an extra-large flat screen and you’re all set. If you haven’t yet downloaded a movie or have subscribed to an online streaming platform, you can start enjoying your basement home theatre with Spectrum TV packages. And you’re all set to watch television shows and movies you’ve missed.

2.   Review Your Sound Options

There’s a lot to think about when contemplating what type of sound system to purchase. Should you opt to install surround sound and how many speakers should be installed? But one simple idea is just to lay a plush carpet all over to contain the sound and prevent echoes. Top it up with adjustable leather recliners with built-in cup holders are you’re all set to be lost in the cinematography of your favorite movies.

3.   Leave Space for A Small Podium

If you plan to use your space not just as a home theatre but doubling it up as a mini-ballroom or a platform for enjoying karaoke, then you design a mini-podium at the front and leave some space for people to dance around. You can design the typical rectangle stage at least four inches in height or to give it a dramatic look, semi-circular or a waving podium would surely stand out. Paint it with oak or a color that complements the carpet and the walls and you have your mini Caesar’s Palace at home.

4.   No Basement? Not a Problem

If you don’t have a basement or it isn’t large enough for an entertainment area, you could look into the floor plan of your house and find a good spot for it. The best spots are those that have limited light in them and can contain the noise inside. A spare bedroom or closet would be nice. Or if you are planning to build a garage, garden shed, or tool shed, you can squeeze in some space there for entertaining. You need not have a really big space just large enough to host at least 10 or more people.

5.   Choose Your Screen Wisely

The screen is one of the most important aspects of an entertainment area. Everybody enjoys an hour or two of movie time. The size of your visual display unit would largely depend on the dimensions of the room. There are recommended viewing distances that you have to consider when choosing the right monitor. You should adhere to this or you’ll risk hurting your vision in the long run.

One thing you have to keep in mind is to choose the screen that is equipped with a Blu-ray player, satellite feed, game console and is capable of live-streaming which every millennial just craves for.

6.   Set Up Your Control Systems

What makes an entertainment room awesome is that you can control everything in one area. You would need to include your lighting system, sounds, and home entertainment automation system. Put your universal remote, iPad, iPhone, game consoles, and other devices. It would help you save time in scouring for these when you need them which can spoil the fun.

7.   Insulation Really Works for Sound

A system surrounding the environment is not just because of the speakers but the quality of the room where it originates. Remember when you occasionally sing in the shower? That’s the kind of environment you want to mimic. Insulation works just like your bathroom wall tiles. So when finalizing the design of your entertainment room, ask your contractor to add more insulation to the entertainment room.

8.   Get Some Add On Equipment

If you are thinking about creating bells and whistles, you certainly have many options. You can add a 3D capability to your screen, high-resolution picture, and you can hide a projector up on your ceiling. This will give your entertainment experience an edge. You can even use the old projector to give it a 90s look. That is if you have a plain white wall. If not, you can always purchase a screen.

9.   Think About The Layout

If you have all the technical elements of your entertainment room in control, now is the time to think about its layout. If you have a room large enough for cinema-style stadium seating, go for it. If not, you can always go sectional. Both ways are still appealing. Though, of course, sectional seating offers coziness and great family bonding.

Here you go. These are just some of the considerations and ideas you might want to include when designing your perfect home entertainment room. But whatever you have decided about, make sure that it will be enjoyed by whomever you expect to use it and would give you pride when entertaining guests in it.