One of the simplest yet elegant ways to throw a party is with wine and cheese. Its sophistication and refinement will greatly be admired and cherished by all your guests. In fact, a wine and cheese party is ideal for socializing with great friends and creating a memorable event.

The classic wine and cheese party is generally the most successful. This type of party has all the main features for a flourishing get-together. There are also other essentials that need to be considered for an up-and-coming wine and cheese party.

Serving Boards

Individual serving boards are crucial for each type of cheese you are serving. Instead of spending a great deal of money on elaborate cheeseboards, utilize slate tiles from the hardware store. Slate tiles are very durable and come in a wide array of natural colors and textures. Write the names of the cheeses on a decorative notecard that matches the tile.

Proper Knives

Each type of cheese requires a separate knife in order to prevent cross contamination of flavors. In truth, when two or more types of cheeses are mixed it can ruin the whole experience. In addition, the proper type of cheese knife is essential. You can either use special cheese knives or less expensive substitutes like paring knives or butter knives.

Pairing Wine and Cheese

The classic approach embraces Old World wines and cheeses from France, Italy, Spain and other European regions. With no more than six different wines and 3 different types of cheeses, your guests will not be overwhelmed. Great selections of wine include red Burgundy or Pinot that go excellent with creamy Brie.

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Great pairings are Merlot and Gouda, Sauvignon Blanc and aged Gruyère, Bardolino and Fontina and Chenin Blanc with fresh goat cheese. Serve grapes, crackers and bread with the wine and cheese. The carbohydrates help cleanse the palate between tastings. Also, most cheeses are best served at room temperature.

NOTE: For full flavor, set the cheese out up to 3 hours before guests arrive. Make sure to cover the cheese to prevent drying.

Alcohol Free Beverages

It is generally a good idea to serve alcohol drinks so that your guests can pace the evening. As well, non-alcohol drinks help prevent your guests from driving under the influence. Some great beverages include sparkling cider, coffee and sparkling water mixed with fruit.

Whether serving a small or large group, the classic wine and cheese party is a fail-safe way to succeed in having a fabulous social get-together. In fact, it is one of the classiest and easiest ways to put on a high-class socializing event with pizazz.