There are many products on the market today that offer a refill system, alongside their complete product, to give customers the opportunity to save money and reduce packaging. This environmentally friendly and cost-effective option has long been popular with the producers of household items, like hand soap and laundry detergent, but now is being used for food and drinks like juices and coffee.

There are also many household items, like printers and vacuum cleaners, that require a regular resupply of consumables like printer ink and vacuum bags. Many third-party suppliers are available for these refills that are just as good as their more expensive, branded counterparts. Here we are going to look at how anyone can save money by shopping smarter and looking for more cost-effective, third-party refills.

Printer Refills

A home printer can be an important part of the family. Teenagers and children even younger are often expected to use computers to complete homework and school assignments, and this can often result in excessive printing. When you need a document printed in a hurry, for a hotel reservation for a quick getaway, or for a copy of your car insurance details, the worst thing that can happen is that you run out of ink. Every printer has a range of third-party manufacturers that can offer massive savings over branded ink supplies.

Coffee Pods

Coffee is the world’s most popular drink, at any time of day. More and more people are experimenting with coffee, sampling different beans and blends from all over the world, and this has added to the popularity of coffee pod machines. The machines themselves can often represent good value for money, but the coffee pods that keep the caffeine coming can often be expensive. By using cheaper coffee pods that still work with a Nespresso or a similar type of machine, you can reap all the benefits without the continued expense.

Drink Bags and Pouches

Using bags of water, and other liquids is increasing in popularity. Many people are trying to cut plastic bottles out of their daily lives, and bags use a fraction of the plastic a bottle may use and can easily refill any bottle you may use in your home. The bags are also much easier to store, taking up less space per liter, and can be frozen.

Using refills in the home can save you money and help save the planet. Make sure you do your bit!