It’s not something that is often discussed, but it is kind of strange that we no longer have any “rite of passage” ceremony that marks the transition between childhood and adulthood. Many cultures have had this in the past (and some still do), but by and large, we don’t. That means the line between youth and adult life is becoming increasingly blurred — it’s just becoming harder to tell when we’re in the adult stage of our life. But there are some common things that we can think of as ‘markers’ for adulthood. We take a look at a few below. If you have these in your life, then you’re probably considered an adult! 

Freedom of the Road

Let’s face it: it’s difficult to be considered an adult if you’re continually asking your parents or friends to give you a ride. Part of being an adult is having the ability (and confidence) to step out into the world on your own, and for that, you’ll need a car — or at least know how to drive. It’s a vitally important step on the road towards feeling free and independent. 

A Grasp on their Finances

It’s not easy becoming financially independent, but it is important. If you’re forever relying on your parents to give you money or look after your finances, then something will always be missing. While complete financial independence might be a long-term project, there are things you can do to get things moving in the right direction. The first step could be to open an account with a bank that offers online personal checking services. It’ll allow you to have a grasp on your finances. As well as being in control of your money, it’s also important to earn some, so look at getting a job! 

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A Few Recipes

There are many things that can lead to someone being called a “man/woman-child,” but perhaps the most common reason is an inability to cook any meals whatsoever. No-one will be impressed if you fall apart every time that you’re in the kitchen! So take a look at learning a few simple recipes. You might just find that you enjoy cooking, or even that you have a talent for. Eating well is as important as self-grooming, and is something that’ll serve you well in the long run. Get started! 

Thinking of the Future 

You might be enjoying the carefree days of youth right now, but it’s important to remember that the future is going to come one way or another. So it’s best to be prepared for when it does. Even loosely thinking about your future can have a big impact!

A Caring Attitude

Finally, perhaps the biggest mark of an adult is their ability to think about other people, and to put their needs before their own. Simply being aware that there are other people besides can make you act in ways that benefit other people. Sometimes you just have to be responsible and assume roles that will help others.