Best Date Ideas For Couples With Rowdy Kids

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Enjoy the good times with your kids

Going on dates can be difficult for couples with kids, especially if your kids are particularly rambunctious. Babysitters can be expensive, or they might not be able to handle little ones that have excessive energy and don’t like bedtime. One recent study from Cornell University showed Parents experience more happiness and meaning – with less sadness, stress and fatigue – when they do activities with children compared with time without kids. Having family date nights is also beneficial for your kids, especially if they get to exercise, as physical activity improves brain function.

But there are plenty of activities that are both romantic and appropriate for your little energizer bunnies. Here are the best date ideas for couples with rowdy kids:

1. Having a picnic or beach day

The best dates are often the ones where you just relax outdoors. Pack a lunch and head off to the park or the beach with your kids. You can encourage them to play while you and your partner sit and talk. Be sure to bring a ball, a Frisbee or some sandcastle toys, so your little ones have plenty to occupy themselves.

2. Going to the zoo or aquarium

Adults and kids alike love to see the animals at the zoo or aquarium. Unlike a museum, which often has an expectation of quiet or doesn’t have many exhibits that kids find exciting, zoos and aquariums provide endless entertainment for little ones. Spend a day going through all the exhibits at your local zoo and your kids might just be tired enough to go right to sleep when you get home.

3. Go to a Mystery escape room otherwise known as Omescape

Yes, not for everyone but a way to use clues and intuition to escape the room with the time ticking. Kids may want the excitement and the challenge of being in a room with family figuring out clues to escape before it is too late. You build teams; you solve puzzles by collaborating, and make new friends. It is great for those who are creative and curious.

4. Ice skating

Ice skating is a romantic activity for couples and fun activity for kids. If you can, it’s best to go at a time when the rink isn’t too crowded—perhaps during the offseason. Your children will have plenty of space, and you can easily keep an eye on them without necessarily having to keep up with them. If you get tired before they do, you can always get a hot chocolate and sit and watch them skate.

5. Boating

Taking a boat ride is another romantic activity that is incredibly fun for kids. You can either look for a place where you can rent a boat and take it out yourselves, or buy tickets for a ferry ride in your area. Many cities on the water, like Boston, Chicago, and New York, run short cruises or tours on ferries. You can check city tours in New York City and other cities here.

6. Mini golfing

Miniature golf courses are adult- and kid-friendly, and they tend to be quieter than bowling alleys so that you can have a good conversation. As with the ice skating idea, it’s best to go mini golfing at a time when it’s not too crowded. You might want to pick a day when the weather is cool and overcast.

7. Going on a scavenger hunt

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you and your kids could form a scavenger hunt team. Scavenger hunts, like this one in Central Park in NYC, are an excellent way to entertain your kids and bond as a family. You also get the chance to explore a beautiful area and enjoy the weather. Central Park is particularly romantic in the fall, when the leaves change.

8. Going to a carnival or amusement park

Between the rides, the games, and the occasional petting zoo, carnivals and amusement parks provide endless fun. You might enjoy riding the carousel or the Ferris wheel just as much as your little ones do. Or, you might want to try winning your significant other a giant teddy bear, just like the old days. At some carnivals, there may even be fireworks to watch when it gets dark.

9. Watching a sports game

Obviously, tickets for major league games aren’t always accessible or affordable. But watching a minor league game or even a high school game can still be a lot of fun. Your kids can make as much noise as they want to, and there will surely be plenty of snacks.

10. An arts and crafts class

Lots of places host kid-friendly classes on how to make pottery, sand art, tie-dye or painted T-shirts, and even stuffed animals. Your kids will be able to make something that they can take home with them, and you’ll have a memento to remember the date.

Your boisterous little ones don’t have to stop you and your partner from spending quality time together. You may find that dates are even more enjoyable when you bring your kids and see them having fun too. For more date ideas, check out an event planning site like Vimbly. They provide an easy way to book recreational activities for kids and adults.

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Written by Devon Thielman

Devon loves the fast life but is a super-geek. When he's not in front of a computer writing about dating advice he enjoys the outdoors and loves to travel.

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