Battle of The Diets: Paleo Vs Vegan

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Sticking to a diet is often a hard task, but it’s a small price to pay for a healthier life. In the past few years, the vegan diet has been renowned for its benefits.This plant-based diet excluding any animal-derived products has proven effective for regulating certain conditions like diabetes. However, with the recent growing popularity of the Paleo diet, many people want to know which one is better.

The Paleo diet is a hunter-gatherer lifestyle that promotes the consumption of meat and vegetables i.e. everything our ancestors would have eaten. Its efficiency has been noticed especially with the autoimmune diseases.

Before you choose one, here are a few insights:

The source of food

Each diet consists of different foods to consume. The Paleo diet implies eating non-processed meat, seeds, and veggies, keeping away from pasta, candy, and whole grain. So, we are eating what Mother Nature has had in store for us since our body doesn’t efficiently process sugar, especially the sugar found in grains. 

For example, eating cereals does give you energy, but these carbs eventually turn into sugar and fat, which can be bad for your blood sugar. Therefore, when buying your vegan groceries, there is a chance they are chemically treated, so make sure to check its source.

Vitamin intake

By following the vegan menu, you are getting all the essential vitamins, from vitamin B, C, and E, to magnesium. Vitamin B is crucial for cell repair; vitamin C boosts your immune system, while vitamin E found in nuts prevents Alzheimer’s disease, and Magnesium from dark leafy greens is beneficial for the heart.

In the long run, with a sufficient vitamin intake, some types of cancers, as well as arthritis, can be prevented. Still, some deficiencies, such as in iron and zinc, can only be restored by eating red meat, as the Paleo diet suggests.

Fat intake

When eating as a caveman, try not to overdo it. Too much meat may lead to some health issues, so it’s extremely important to eat organic meat with vegetables as to balance the inflammatory properties of the reactive food. By sticking to the vegan diet, you can efficiently reduce saturated fats, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases.

By avoiding dairy products, like cheese, and meat, your cholesterol level is not at risk of being high. Moreover, meatless meals help kidney function. Still, without certain types of meat, e.g. fish, we cannot compensate the loss of vitamin D and other important nutrients.

Hormonal balance

Another reason why you should go easy on the meat is that it may affect your hormones in the wrong way. Nowadays, chemically treated meat can easily find its way to your plate. Cold meat, poultry, and canned meat could be the reason why many people are facing health problems such as erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Many studies have proven the link between high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction. Along with medical clinics, another way to resolve these issues is changing eating habits and switching to vegetables and seeds, since certain plants contain testosterone.

Battle with weight

When it comes to weight loss, it’s a tie! Whether you choose the vegan diet or the Paleo diet, you won’t be making a big mistake, since both diets have been effective in weight loss. The only things you have to take into consideration are the results you wish to get.

With the Paleo diet, you shall get more protein and build muscles. If you are feeling hungry during the diet, the Paleo diet helps you lose that feeling. The Paleo diet restrains you from added sugar. The vegan diet is efficient, too. However, you won’t be getting as much protein naturally.

Some honorable mentions

We are what we eat. Therefore, it’s no wonder that eating fruits and veggies rich in vitamins A and E results in clear skin complexion. On the other hand, eating greasy red meat could have the contrary effects.

This means properly digested food won’t leave any acne or pimples on your skin. Moreover, the excessive consumption of red meat results in constipation. The vegan diet is a great solution for constipation as it improves the bowel movement. Not to mention that it may help with the unpleasant body odor that is also connected to meat consumption.

Best of both worlds

No matter which one of the two healthy diets sounds better to you, in the end, it all comes down to your own body and experience. There is no such thing as a diet that works for everybody, you just have to listen to your body and find what works best for you. 

Many choose to get the best of both worlds, thus, getting the healthy results without sacrificing a lot. So try different approaches that will help you achieve your body goals and give you the optimal results. There is no right or wrong, only the one that works for you.

What do you think?

Written by Ronald Wolf

Ronald Wolf is a digital marketing freelancer, Australian outdoor boy and a strong believer in digital nomading and all of its benefits, but also is aware of the hardships and troubles you might find.

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