Summer is almost here, which means not only lazy barbecues, beach days, and ice cream, but also time to refresh your wardrobe for sunny days. If you want to stay cool and fresh in hot weather, you need to consider the textiles you wear in summer. Breathable, lightweight textiles can make all the difference.

Read on to learn the best textiles that will keep you cool, fresh, and stylish even on the hottest and stickiest summer days.

1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the world’s most popular textiles, and for good reason. Cotton is light, airy, and highly breathable, so it easily absorbs your body’s moisture and keeps you from feeling sticky or uncomfortable. Cotton is also incredibly lightweight, meaning it can be worn at any time of day or night without being uncomfortable.

Last but not least, cotton is relatively inexpensive, so buying cotton clothing this summer won’t break your budget. On the other hand, there are a number of environmental concerns around cotton, particularly because of the amount of water the crop uses. You can look great in cotton while staying sustainable by buying organic cotton clothing.

2. Linen

Linen is made up of natural fibers, and its loose weave makes it feel smooth and comfortable on the skin. Linen, like cotton, is one of the most popular textiles for clothing, particularly in the summer. This breathable natural textile helps you feel cool even on hot days. High-quality linen clothes are also easily washable and this textile is very durable. If you look after your linen clothing it will last you a lifetime.

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3. Silk Georgette

Pure silk georgette is a translucent, ultra-feminine fabric known for its light weight. It can be put to a wide range of creative uses, from shirts and skirts to wedding dresses. Because of its lightweight, silk georgette is ideal for summer and will help you to keep cool even on the hottest and stickiest days.

4. Rayon

Rayon is a man-made fabric that can be created from various resources, including cellulose from trees, blended cotton, synthetic fibers, and wood pulp. Rayon is often seen as an affordable silk substitute because of its soft texture. This fabric is very light and airy compared to other fibers, making it comfortable to wear in all seasons.

You often find sportswear made from rayon because the the fabric’s lightweight, flexible, and durable nature. However, it should be noted that rayon is not as breathable as natural fabrics like cotton and linen, so is best for hot, dry weather – give it a miss in humid climates!

5. Chambray

Denim is a popular choice for its durability, versatility, and effortless style. However,  denim is pretty heavy and thick for summer, and not the best for hot days. Chambray is a great denim alternative that is perfect to wear when the weather turns warm.

Chambray is a natural fabric that can be made from either cotton or linen. Fine and dense, it has many of the same properties as denim, however its unique weaving pattern makes it a lot lighter and more breathable. For this reason, chambray will help to keep you cool in warm weather!

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6. Jersey

Jersey is a knit fabric that was historically made of wool, so may seem like an odd choice for summer. However, most jersey clothes these days are made from cotton or synthetic fibers, so are much more lightweight.

Cotton jersey in particular is a great choice for summer because it’s breathable and ideal for making summer tops and dresses. Jersey is also highly versatile and you’ll find garments made from this fabric in a variety of colors.

7. Lyocell

Lyocell is a textile made from wood pulp-based cellulose that was first commercialized in 1990. This fabric is highly breathable, super lightweight and comfortable – all properties that make it ideal to wear on hot days. At the same time, it is more opaque than light cottons and similar fabrics, so you won’t need to add extra weight by wearing a vest or camisole underneath.

Better still, this textile is eco-friendly because it is made from renewable materials and is completely biodegradable.

8. Silk

Silk is another fabric that is perfect for summer because it’s not only lightweight, but it’s also a 100% natural fabric. Like other natural textiles such as cotton and linen, this makes it highly breathable. You can wear a long-sleeved silk shirt or a maxi-dress on a hot day and the fabric will still allow your skin to breathe, keeping you cool.

Staying cool in summer doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style. You can stay stylish while being cool and fresh in lightweight, breathable textiles such as linen, silk, rayon, and chambray. Better yet, go for organic cotton or Lyocell for summer textiles that are also kind to the environment!

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