Planning a wedding can feel and be overwhelming. Newly engaged couples can reach out to a professional to help assist in the preparations, there are several reasons why a soon-to-be-married couple may take on the majority of the responsibilities on their own. From a very young age, girls (and boys!) dream about their wedding day. From attending family and friend’s weddings to the ones that happen in the movies – girls (and boys!) are always doing their research, taking mental notes, and dreaming about what their special day could look like. A lot goes into the big day. Every little detail is important to the couple, especially to a bride-to-be. From start to finish, there are many intricacies, plans, and details that need to be perfect to assure that a wedding becomes everything and more than a couple dreamed it would be.

Organization is Key

The most important thing a newly engaged couple can do to assure their wedding goes smoothly is to be as organized as humanly possible. Keeping everything on track, especially when dealing with tough decisions, lists, deadlines, and everyday life to deal with, is pivotal. Giving yourself plenty of time to plan your wedding will pay off in spades for the overall result of your wedding, and of course for your own mental health. A longer timeline to plan and execute your dream wedding is your closest ally.

Tackling the Planning Together

For the girls reading this, it is key for you not to forget to involve your significant other in the wedding planning processes. Your wedding should represent both of you, together as a couple. For example, start the wedding planning process by sitting down with your pending life partner and determining what the most important aspects of your wedding will be. You can start with things like the date, the theme, who your photographer will be, or how big the wedding party might be. From there, you have a great foundation to begin taking the next steps towards planning one of the most important days in your life. A great way for you and your partner to stay on top of things is to opt to purchase a wedding planning book that will give you tips and tricks all the while helping with the organization of your plans.

Looking Your Best on Your Wedding Day

It is quite clear by now that you should make sure to include your significant other in all the decision-making as it relates to the details of your wedding, but there is one aspect of your wedding that brides can take the lead on – and that is choosing their wedding dress. Out of all the things little girls around the world dream of when thinking of their wedding, the wedding dresses looking like those lavish designer wedding dresses by Jovani is always the number one thing they want.

Wedding dress shopping can bring a wide range of feelings to a bride and her friends and family. Brides may know exactly what type or style of dress they want, or they may not – this article will help point brides in the right direction. When it comes to styles of dresses, there seems to be a never-ending list of possibilities. You could choose a lavish ball gown, open back, or long-sleeved illusion dresses – or any one of the other endless options.

Saying Yes to the Dress

Once you figure out the style you are looking for, the next step is to do your research on the best places to buy your dream dress. Traditionally it has always been custom for a bride to bring her closest friends and family and head down to the local wedding dress shop and try on countless dresses. The best shops typically pair each bride with a dedicated staff person for an hour-long appointment, with no more than a handful of brides at a time. When you are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, make sure you ask questions!

Questions that are important around the price of a dress, how sizing works. And, if there is a certain dress you are looking for – ask! Many dresses can be brought in or purchased online. You want your wedding dress to reflect who you are, and what your personality is. When the guests at your wedding see you dolled up, walking down the aisle in your beautiful dress, they will appreciate it even more knowing it resonates with you

More Than Just a Dress

It may seem that right off the bat that choosing your wedding dress is an impossible feat. You need to know that your wedding dress is not only about the day you get married itself, but also your dress will be a symbol of your marriage for years to come. Sometimes, soon-to-be-brides will spend many hours and many dollars stressing over their dress. Other times, they may want their dress to serve as a family heirloom passed down to their children and grandchildren. In any case, your dress should be properly stored away to make sure that the cash you spent on the dress doesn’t go to waste  Be sure to preserve your wedding dress by housing it in plastic and hanging it up.

When you reflect on your wedding day there will be many emotions that come back to you. You will recall how you felt when you had your first kiss as a married couple, your first dance with your new spouse, standing at the altar with your closest family and friends, and hitting the dance floor to celebrate your new beginnings. The one thing that each and every one of these special moments have in common is your wedding dress. You will relive all those magical moments every time you lay eyes on your wedding dress – that is very special. You will thank yourself later when you look at it five or ten years after your wedding day, and you relive the wonderful moments from your special day.