Organizing a wedding can be very overwhelming, particularly when you are trying to stay within your budget. You can find inexpensive wedding venues in Vancouver by following these tips!

1. Allocate a Budget for Your Venue Before You Start Searching

As you search for wedding venues in Vancouver, it is important to know your budget in advance since you will not only avoid spending more than you can afford, but you will also be able to negotiate with vendors to get the best price possible.

2. The Weekdays are the Best Times to Book Your Venue

Many wedding venues in Vancouver will offer clients a discount if they book a wedding between Sunday and Thursday. In some cases, venues need to fill their full week, making it easier to negotiate lower rates for weeknights. 

As an added benefit, most weddings held on a weekday result in fewer guests, so your costs will be reduced in several ways. You’ll have more bargaining power with vendors, and you can put that extra money towards your honeymoon or other aspects of the wedding. Many Vancouver wedding venues will be able to offer you a list of recommended vendors that can help you save money.

3. Consider an Off-Season Wedding Date

Getting married in the summer or fall may seem like the perfect time for you, but there are plenty of other couples who agree with you as well. Due to these reasons, these are some of the most competitive rates for Vancouver weddings and, therefore, the most expensive. It is generally considered that June, September, and October are the peak months of the year in most areas of the city.

4. Choose a Non-Traditional Venue Instead of a Traditional One

There are many places you wouldn’t think of for a wedding at the first seeing, including flower gardens, botanical gardens, lakeside venues, and others. 

Many venues are still available for weddings even if they are not listed as wedding venues. Due to the fact that they don’t usually host weddings, they are often less expensive.

There’s a big trend right now for barn weddings if you live in the country. Even though it’s a little bit of work to clear out and add lighting, it’s worth it when you have two spaces for all the festivities.

5. Look for Venues with Equipment

Most venues will include one or more items as part of the overall venue cost, most often tables and chairs. Booking with a venue that does this can often save you money over buying all of the equipment yourself, especially for events with a large crowd.

6. The Smaller the Venue, the Cheaper the Cost

The smaller the venue, the fewer guests there will be. Due to the fact that there will be fewer supplies needed for fewer people, the cost of everything will be lower. Many people indeed want to have a big wedding with a lot of guests, but a smaller wedding venue can be more affordable and intimate at the same time.

7. Make a Full Payment

When you pay upfront, you can get a discount on the price. Small businesses usually have tighter cash flow, which means that upfront payments mean that they will need more working capital in order to function. In addition, you should also find out what the venue’s hidden costs are so that you can negotiate them down.

8. Organize Your Ceremony and Reception at the Same Location 

If you are able to buy all the items you need under one roof, then you may be able to get a better deal on your package price. Ask if the venue offers any other important services that you would need for your special day, such as catering, DJ services, and other essentials, if you want to save even more money when you find the right venue.

9. Skip the Gifts

Have your loved ones pitch in on the party instead. In case you are short on cash, your guests can always contribute items you need for the wedding ceremony and reception if they are unable to pay. 

Cash donations will pay you back later, but if you are short on cash, guests can contribute the items you need for the wedding.

You might think this is a lot of work and numbers crunching, but stay strong! It’s all about setting the scene, and checking out different locations can be a ton of fun. You’ll be able to arrange all other aspects of your wedding much more easily once you’ve overcome this hurdle. The better you know the date, the location, the budget, and the vibe of the facility, the easier moving forward will be! Good luck on your hunt!