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Fashion is a funny thing if you think about it. Various trends and styles seem to come and go. And I’m not just talking about clothing fashions either. There are lots of cultural tendencies that seem to fall in and out of fashion every year or so. After all, just look at these trends that have come back into fashion and don’t seem to want to go away.

Classic Cocktails

Back in the 1950s and 1960s everyone who was anyone wouldn’t be seen dead drinking anything other than a classic cocktail whilst out. You know the kind of drinks I’m talking about – things like the Old Fashioned, Martini, and Bloody Marys. But, in recent years, it seems that these very popular drinks have stormed back into fashion. That’s mainly because of popular TV shows like Mad Men popularizing these sophisticated drinks once again. So, next time you are at the bar, be like Don Draper and order a whisky based cocktail for a change.

Vinyl Records

The chances are that you are way too young to remember just how popular record players and vinyl records were in the 1970s and 1980s. Well, guess what? That doesn’t matter because they are now back! Lots of musos are buying record players again to listen to music the way it was meant to be played. There are sites like Vinyl Vintage that can help you choose a turntable is you are completely new to them. But whether you are into pop, rock, or hip-hop, it’s definitely worth getting one!

Customized Denim Jackets

Millennial Magazine- Trends

Just a couple of decades ago, customized denim jackets were everywhere. Well, it looks like there are a lot of different fashion and style trends from the 1990s back right now, and customized jackets is just one of them. Lots of celebs, including Miley Cyrus, have been spotted wearing them, so it’s probably time to customize one for your wardrobe.

Deep-Red Lipstick

If you go way back to the 1930s and 1940s and take a look at women’s makeup trends, you will notice that deep lipsticks were very much in fashion. In fact, the preferred choice of lipstick for many women was wine-colored lippie. This quickly fell out of fashion, but it looks like it is about to return to the fore. Most A-listers have been on the red carpet wearing very deep wine-colored lipstick, so it’s probably worth adding a new stick of lipstick to your collection!

The Top Knot

If you’ve seen the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you will know that Audrey Hepburn sported a top knot towards the end of the film. This hairstyle hasn’t been in fashion for the past few decades, but these days, lots of women and girls are embracing it once again. Team your big top knot with a classy tiara for the ultimate Audrey look!

Some Trends Are Timeless

So, it looks like all of the above trends are around to stay for a while. What else do you think will come back into fashion over the next few years?

What do you think?

Written by Millennial Staff

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