Ecdysterone, the hormone labeled as the ultimate power supplement, with apparently zero side effects could take your athleticism to maximum heights, resulting in creating you to achieve your greatest potential. The all-natural anabolic compound that is derived from various plants, aquatic life, and even insects, is very popular within the bodybuilding and athletic community.

Compared to and considered to be the equivalent to the hormone testosterone, it is thought to have a significant improvement on athletic performance and increase muscle mass, making it a huge hit with athletes and bodybuilders all around the globe.

Why Use It?

If you noticed, those who are into professional sports don’t have that much fat in them. Athletes taking ecdysterone may benefit from losing excess fat and gaining muscle mass. The hormone is also known to increase protein synthesis and aids in delaying symptoms of fatigue, feelings of tiredness and extreme exhaustion. The compound can even be known to help you to achieve a better, more improved night’s sleep!

Not only is this powerful hormone favored in the world of sport and athletics, but it is also sought after by many of the population for serious health issues. The evidence is based on aiding in these severe conditions is unsubstantial however, people are choosing to use this substance to help in preventing and treating these terrible, critical illnesses. Here are several conditions people believe ecdysterone can help in treating and may have a positive result in maintaining their health.

Parkinson’s Disease

Those who don’t want to suffer from incurable diseases when they grow old should take notice of this supplement more. Ecdysterone is known to decrease the chances of developing the severe condition Parkinson’s disease in the female population. Studies have associated postmenopausal estrogens uptake, with a decreased threat of falling victim to this terrible disease.

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The hormone ecdysterone has been evident in destroying breast cancer cells. Ecdysterone can help in protecting women from contracting breast cancer and for those who unfortunately are already at war with the disease, it could aid in the treatment of chemotherapy being more successful.


Using ecdysterone could be effective in lowering the levels of blood glucose within the body. Patients who suffer from Type 2 diabetes, in the range of normal to medium glucose levels could significantly benefit from ecdysterone, without causing their insulin levels to fluctuate at all.

Boost Immune System

Taking ecdysterone has been associated with positive effects on the immune system. It may boost the immune system, therefore enabling the body to fight off illnesses and nasty infections. Ecdysterone could enhance your athletic performance and may help in treating all of the health issues listed above. There could even be many more benefits to your overall health by using ecdysterone and adding it to your regular intake of supplements. However, always enter into caution when introducing your body to any new supplements or adding anything unfamiliar to your diet.

Always seek information on these products you intend on using, to make certain they will not counteract with any existing supplements or medication you use currently. Seek out medical advice on whether they could have any negative effects. Be sure to find out the facts from the fiction. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!